This tutorial will teach you the basic Android programming and will also take you and graphics published in this e-book are the property of Tutorials Point (I). Simple Eclipse ADT project migration to Android Studio. .. Android has the largest installed base of all operating systems of any kind. Android has been the . He has had 14 books published to date, 7 of which are on Android and . Chapter 1: Getting Started with Android Programming covers the basics of the Android.

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much easier than reading books, tutorials, and documentation. Wei-Meng is also the author of Beginning iOS 4 Application Development (Wrox), along with sev-. Android. ○ BlackBerry. ○ OVI. ○ Windows Mobile. ○ iPhone. ○ LiMo. ○ Ångström Basic media playback system. ○ LCDUI- 2D .. http://developer. pdf. CHAPTER 18 Advanced Android Development. . every time I forget what's involved in writing a book and agree to do another one. It's expected that you' ll have some experience in software development and be familiar with basic.

The first two tutorials in this list are book-like but if you want something more authentic you could print them. Even better, a pdf tutorial, like this one , is a much better option. Similarly to the previous resource, this one might not be very up to date but it does cover the major principles of Android programming.

This is one more general tutorial that covers Android development from beginner level to advanced.

Game Development Series If you have some knowledge about Android but you want to delve into games development, this series of video tutorials is a great start. The series starts with the very basics of Android and Eclipse but my personal feeling is that if you are a total stranger to Android, the journey will be too hard.

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From what I saw, the series mentions general Android as well, not only game development. For some of these topics you can find information in the general tutorials as well but if you want more detail, this is for you. In this tutorial you will learn how to set up the action bar, how to add actions, how to split, hide, and overlay it, as well as how to add navigation. You will also learn about action bar interactivity, such as how to handle clicks on its items and to use action views.

In such cases you need to know how to handle this data. This tutorial leads you step by step in the world of XML parsing. It also helps you create a parser that will look like the one shown in the next screenshot.

Android for iOS Developers With the huge popularity of Android, even die-hard iOS developers are likely to consider switching or at least expanding to it.

If you are an iOS developer, you are lucky because you are not new to mobile development as a whole. Of course, you could read the general Android tutorials I listed earlier but especially for you, here is a better tutorial. Unfortunately, some of the info in this tutorial might be outdated but with the rapid development of mobile programming technologies this is inevitable.

This tutorial is great because it summarizes the differences between iOS development and Android development, thus making the change easier for you.

The tutorial is a pretty detailed one — it starts with how to install Android Studio, how to create a new project, how to add functionality to it, how to run it, etc. Localizing Android Apps Android applications are popular all over the world. It also supports much older versions of Android. That's becoming a bit rarer these days. The interface comes with customization options, auto-scrolling, page turning animations, and various view modes for your comfort.

The app is free to use. You can download one of the various donate version if you want to.

The name changed. However, it's still one of the better eBook reader apps.

It features cross-device syncing. You can also download books directly from the service. The app has a slightly different set of features for each different file type.

Top 10 Books to Learn Android Programming in 2017

The UI is a little more busy than we'd typically like to see. However, everything else is fairly solid. For those keeping track, that's most of the formats that you run into on a daily basis.

The UI is simple, but effective. Additionally, it provides dictionary support, text highlighting, free-hand annotations, and more.

Essential documentation

There is also a selection of plugins that add additional functionality. It's all free with no advertising as well.

Updated 10 best office apps for Android! Like Aldiko, it's a great option for most basic use cases. It uses a proprietary Google Drive cloud service to sync books between your devices. We also really liked the UI. It's a bit old, but it's effective and easy on the eyes. It even has gesture support.

For now, anyway, the app is entirely free to use. It's a good mixture of productivity and reading. The app supports basically all types of PDF files.

Additionally, it offers annotation features, form filling features, and ConnectedPDF for privacy. For reading, it can read PDFs out loud and also supports audio and video stuff. It has probably the best cross-platform support of any eReader or PDF app. That's the big five! The UI is classic Material Design and the app layout is simple enough for almost everybody. The app is entirely free as far as we can tell. There are optional donations if you want to support development.

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It's a virtual bookstore. The selections include books, magazines, and all sorts of other stuff. It supports several eBook formats, comic book formats, and other types of ebook formats. You can even upload your books to the cloud and read them anywhere. That gives you a really good storage option that you can access on any device with an Internet connection.

The app is free, but many of the books cost money. The app is extremely basic. It seems like all it can do is read downloadd books from the service.

However, the service does support both audiobooks and normal eBooks.

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Other features include cross-device syncing, downloading for offline use, and a Night Mode for late night reading. The discovery features are actually pretty decent as well. The app is free to download. Books cost money, obviously.The Dark side of Fragments Fragments are a part of most Android apps. Get this book from here.

The app also includes over ten themes, gesture controls, auto-scrolling, EPUB3 support, and cross-device syncing via Dropbox.

Similarly to the previous resource, this one might not be very up to date but it does cover the major principles of Android programming.

It supports several eBook formats, comic book formats, and other types of ebook formats. This tutorial explains it all. Supplementary content for the Udacity Android for Beginners course.

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