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I have posted the alter ego's be Author Daniel Keyes has presented a very riveting description of the human condition if it is pushed too far. I have posted the alter ego's below from this book, so that the potential reader can see how fantastic, and at the same time, how horrifying this man's condition was at the time of his arrest for several campus rapes, which he claimed he had no rememberance of committing.

Billy Milligan William Stanley Milligan is the core personality. Arthur is a sophisticated Englishman.

He is an expert in science and medicine. He is in "the spot when intellectual thinking is required. Ragen Vadascovinich is the "keeper of hate". Ragen is Yugoslavian, has a Slavic accent and he can write and speak in Serbo-Croatian.

He controls the spot when danger is immenent. Allen is a con man and a manipulator. He is the most common person to talk to the outside world.

He plays the drums and paints portraits. Also the only right-handed self. He is the only personality that smokes cigarettes. Tommy is the escape artist; he is often confused with Allen.

He plays the tenor sax and is an electronics expert. He is also a painter, specializing in landscapes.

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Danny is afraid of people, especially men. He only paints still lifes, saying that this was because Chalmer made him dig his own grave and buried him in it.

David, age eight, is the "keeper of pain". He comes to the spot to take the pain of the others.

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Christene, age three, was the one who would stand in the corner in school when "Billy" would get in trouble. She has dyslexia, but Arthur taught her to read and write. Ragen has a special bond with her. Christopher, Christene's brother, plays the harmonica. Adalana, a lesbian, cooks and cleans house for the others, and writes poetry. Milligan's attorney claimed that Adalana had admitted to committing the rapes without the knowledge of Milligan or the other alters Phil is a thug and took part in planning some small time crimes.

Has a Brooklyn accent.

Marked due to him being a criminal. Kevin is a criminal planner; he helped devise a plan to rob a drug store.

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Labeled also because he is a criminal. Walter is Australian. He calls himself a big-game hunter and has an excellent sense of direction.

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The Minds of Billy Milligan

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