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If You Desire

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This novel which is fantasy adventure follows the fate of a young woman destined to be the saviour of her people. Feb 03, Dina rated it liked it Shelves: This is the second book in the MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy and I'm sorry to say I still don't get how easily those brothers dismiss their curse after letting it dictate all their lives before "surrendering" to the heroine. Not only in this book, but in the first book in the series too. I guess the saying "love conquers all" is really true I really liked both Hugh and Jane, the hero and the heroine in this book, even th This is the second book in the MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy and I'm sorry to say I still don't get how easily those brothers dismiss their curse after letting it dictate all their lives before "surrendering" to the heroine.

I really liked both Hugh and Jane, the hero and the heroine in this book, even though I was less than thrilled with her at the beginning. Her "escapades" were not something I expected to see from a year-old woman, they looked more like something a teenager would do. Anyway, she stopped that nonsense soon enough and eventually tried to work things out with him.

Her reaction to Hugh's finally explaining why they couldn't be together was just right and, rational being that I am, I think I would have done the same thing.

Now, I need to read the last book in the series, just to know what happened to Ethan. Obviously, he's alive - after all, he's the hero! Feb 08, Mojca rated it liked it Shelves: I must say I found this book a vast improvement from the first in this series. It's still not a masterpiece of fiction, and it would've been much better without the slightly too tramp-y heroine and the rather obtuse "yeah, yeah, you're cursed" hero, but we can't have everything.

The suspense subplot is the saving grace of this one, with the villain much more interesting than the leading couple. I wished there'd be more of him throughout the story and his demise was a bit too abrupt and swift, pro I must say I found this book a vast improvement from the first in this series. I wished there'd be more of him throughout the story and his demise was a bit too abrupt and swift, providing quite an anti-climatic resolution to the main reason the two idiots read: And here's the major bone I have to pick about this book.

Once again the hero and heroine were too bland to elicit much enthusiasm in me to even bother to care for them. Jane was a hussy and a tramp even before she turned eighteen And she wondered why the guy split. He saw a nutjob in the making and decided to cut his losses. Tell me again, what was with the plan of getting to marry her by teasing him mercilessly? The only thing such a plan ever accomplishes is for the heroine to end with her skirt around her waist and ruined, while the hero merrily moves on.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case with Hugh. He was as much in love with her as she was with him, but he was cursed. Remember that nasty little curse that's supposed to be the main story-arc of the series?

Once again, it only appeared when convenient and to make the hero even more of a jackass as he already was. Of course, now I have to read the final book. The little cliffy about Ethan getting shot and disappearing from the face of the earth Is he dead? Is he alive? Do we even care?

And speaking of the rather anti-climatic end of the villain and the untimely death of the suspense subplot I skimmed through the remaining pages, barely stiffening yawns, because the two idiots of the leading couple reverted back to the beginning of the story when the villain met his deserved death And it was boring Even the requisite happy ending was boring Not to mention Court and Annalia's from the first book cameo But a great plot devise to get the hero thinking and finally forgoing the blasted curse.

Not good, but not as bad as the first book. I truly hope Ethan will make up for it He better. Feb 11, Zeek rated it really liked it Shelves: Second in Cole's MacCarrick Brothers series, once again I was blown away by the author's grasp on what women want in their romance novels- especially as far what the hero gives the heroine in the sack! Hugh has loved Jane since he got to know her as young girl, while working for her father. A little later, on the brink of womanhood, she offers herself to him.

As much as Hugh longs to have her, he doesn't take her. Rather, he walks away and takes a job ensuring he will never be tempted to keep her Second in Cole's MacCarrick Brothers series, once again I was blown away by the author's grasp on what women want in their romance novels- especially as far what the hero gives the heroine in the sack!

Rather, he walks away and takes a job ensuring he will never be tempted to keep her- ever.

If You Deceive (MacCarrick Brothers, #3)

He signs on as an assassin for a secret government agency directed by Jane's father, certain that if she ever found out what he's done, she'll never want him. But then he receives a missive stating that Jane is in grave danger.

He kills himself getting back to her, leaving his brother Courtland If You Dare , wounded, but alive. And Jane certainly is in danger- a man who once worked aside Hugh wants revenge for all Jane's father put him through and if he harms Hugh in the process? All the better. Jane of course is excited to see the man she's never forgotten, and the man whom all other men in her life never measure up to, but she's still angry with him for leaving her so heart broken without even a goodbye between them.

Hugh wants to see Jane protected and then get out, for he truly believes the curse his family labors under is active and harmful to any woman he might fall for, but then Jane's father comes up with a plan to marry them off so the hardened Scot can get her out of Dodge. Hugh sees no other alternative and agrees. Will he be able to protect her AND keep his distance- or will the love that never left his heart be the ultimate deciding factor in both their lives.

Cole does the hottest sex scenes I've read in a long time and that more than makes up for the cliched plot devices to keep them apart. Still, the whole unfulfilled forever love thing is very irresistible as well- and Hugh was so deliciously jealous in love with her, and she just the same, that I can't help but give If You Desire a 4 out of 5!

Good stuff people, good stuff! Jul 27, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it liked it Shelves: I read this book a while back, but thought it was only "good" so I never went for the other 2 books. Well, I just adore Kresley Cole, so figured I'd better suck it up and read the other two. I read the first meh and third loved it! I really honestly believe that Jane ruined the book for me-she was spoiled and selfish and I couldn't stand her.

I loved Hugh and felt so sorry for him for loving her from afar for so long. I've read other I read this book a while back, but thought it was only "good" so I never went for the other 2 books. I've read other reviews and most people really loved this series, but I think identifying with the heroine in a story can make or break the book for me.

In this case, I couldn't identify with Jane, but I actually just didn't like her. So, the story was good, the writing great, but I just couldn't get into Jane's mind frame.

View all 17 comments. Dec 05, Azet rated it it was amazing Shelves: A neat but fierce assassin he gets the irresistible mission to wed the woman he has always loved, the impulsive and reckless Jane Weyland. I have simply come to love this trilogy to the bits, and the feverish Romance between Hugh and Jane was simply burning with unleashed deire, and WOW how Kresley Cole made the wait worth it.

Sec "If you Desire" second book in the "MacCarick Brothers" trilogy about the middle brother Hugh MacCarrick who had been forced to leave the love of his life in his youth.

Secretly loving each other all these years, i so sympathize with these two and their adventurous journey made it all better with the temptation, seduction, and simply the wonder of love neither of them could resist.

Jane Wayland is a damn great of a heroine. She never let herself get withered away and refused to be bitter when Hugh left her all these years ago. She is a wild creature who longs for adventure and with her crazy eight cousins she did have just that which earned her a notorious reputation in London. I love that she decides to fight for her man, yeah Hugh had always been "her Scot" and she have always loved him for the man he is. Even being so different, they were the perfect combination together.

Alas, they never could be happy without each other. Hugh is a very stern man and have a great deal of discipline - except when it comes to his beloved Jane. God how she shakes him to the core every time she uses her seduction skills on him, and how he never could resist her, Ahhh my heart! How he loves her, ruthlessly, unselfishly and mindlessly Being very vulnerable also when it comes to her-it tore me apart, because her love was all he had never dared to wish for.

He is a very extremely jealous and possessive hero, and would kill anyone who dared to touch or hurt his Jane. A man that madly and irrevocably in love with his woman is a hero to die for, and i just LOVE him so much that i wish him for myself.!

A very Stunning Adventure that delivers strong and unforgettable characters, Mindless Danger and Passion and a Love so Vigorous that it could over-come everything. This book stole my breath away and captured my heart, it is such a amazing story that it deserves more than 5-STARS! Hugh MacCarrick terpaksa harus menikahi Jane Weyland demi keselamatan gadis itu.

Walau sudah memendam perasaan selama hampir satu dekade lebih terhadap Jane, Hugh tetap gamang. Hugh punya alasan dan rahasia utk tidak memiliki Jane selamanya.

Walau pernikahan ini "resmi" tapi masih bisa dibatalkan, Jane toh bersukaria utk menggoda habis2an diri Hugh. Hugh harus mengontrol dirinya habis2an melawan godaan yg terus menerus datang scr bergelombang dr Jane. Pd akhirnya Hugh tidak tahan juga. Sayangnya kutukan terhadap keturunan MacCarrick masih menghantui lubuk terdalam hati Hugh. Jane lelah menghadapi kegalauan dan ketidakniatan Hugh mempertahankan pernikahan mereka setelah "masalah utama" diselesaikan.

Jane meninggalkan Hugh di tanah milik Court. Untunglah Court dan Annalia datang ke tanah tsb. Hugh tidak percaya oleh "keajaiban" pasangan ini yg tlh mematahkan kutukan tsb. Dapatkah Hugh kembali kepada Jane yg sudah sangat sakit hati terhadap Hugh? Saya tidak bisa memberikan rating lebih tinggi drpd buku sblmnya.

Bukan krn alurnya membosankan melainkan krn saya melihat sebagian besar jalan ceritanya merupakan repetisi dari buku sblmnya. Selain itu karakter kedua pasangan ini tidak sekuat pasangan di buku pertama. Lagipula saya merasa Jane over manja, not my typical heroine. Cuma saya agak heran, sepertinya adegan2 "krusial" berkurang jauh dibandingkan buku pertama.

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Entah sensor atau memang sudah versi aslinya tidak sebanyak buku pertama. Saya harus mengecek dulu tapi saya malas hahaha Not too bad, just the stupid h was grating on my nerves. The chemistry was still bearable, nothing to write home about. Plot was predictable but then again it is a historical book so I have no expectations to say.. The thing that just put a nail in the coffin was the damn h running after the H to convince his minuscule brain to go the logical way.

Jun 07, Mel rated it liked it Shelves: In contrast with almost everyone else, I didn't like this one as much as the first, If You Dare. The plot of If You Dare was rather silly and so I was pleasantly surprised by the villain plot in the beginning of this book. Jane started to get on my nerves towards the ending of the book, which seemed to drag on and on. While the saccharine level went up and up. That being said: All in all: View all 23 comments. This one was full of anticipation of things that were clearly known as having read the first novel.

Least, the story was sweet. Not to mention, how the erotica wasn't told almost more than three forth of the book despite so many erotics scene in the first book. Dec 17, Erin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This Books was just Kresley Cole, as always, out does her self with 'If You Desire'.

She got the emotions of a undeniable yearning and love across brilliantly. Hugh the middle child of the MacCarrick brothers, and the most reasonable, foolishly falls in love with Jane and wanton and flirtatious ways. Desperate to be with her yet unable because of a family curse- he leaves, leaving Jane heartbroken This Books was just Desperate to be with her yet unable because of a family curse- he leaves, leaving Jane heartbroken and for the next 10 years she compaired every man she met to him.

None Ever messured up to her highlander. Hugh is summoned by Edward Weyland, Jane's father, to protected her from an vengeful employee, who is known well to Hugh. Hugh agrees, wanting to protect the woman he loves, planing to take her away from the dangourous location of London.

Edward agrees, but under a condition- Hugh must marry Jane to prevent any scandal- Hugh relatantly agrees-in fear of the curse bring any harm to Jane- from there on out the story follows the witty and flirtatious Jane's desperate struggle to make the man she has loved for nearly over a decade to keep her as a wife.

I really loved the way Jane tired to be a wife to Hugh, trying to clean when she didn't have a clue how to. Hugh is honorable and loves Jane beyond all else- pineing for her aswell and it comes as a shock to him to find the Jane returns those feelings. This is so different to the First MacCarrick Novel, in the first book, it was the beginning of a relationship and in this one it was the continuance of to heart broken people.

Yet, Jane isn't some broken down car crash- no, she has tried to get on with her life- but finds it hard, ten years on, to get over her first and only love. Hugh is the same- unable to think of anything but her for the past ten years, has been hard on him, and he isnt the same as he used to be when he was a 22 year old lad, newly in love with Jane. This Story is of an equal calibre to 'If You Dare' just the heroine, Jane, had more punch in this one then Anna had in If you dare- both are beautifully written.

I also Love How Hugh basicly gets his ass handed to him a couple of times by Jane- and i loved seeing that. Also, i have no idea how she could so calmly forgive him for leaving her the second time around, i would have been tying him to a chair so he could never ever leave again: Nov 29, Keri rated it liked it Shelves: It took me awhile to warm up to Jane, but eventually I did.

Then I got sort of impatient of all the teasing that went on. While it wasn't my favorite of the series, it wasn't bad. I just wished we would have had a bit more of an ending then we got, I would have liked it more. Better than some, not so good as others: Sep 25, Saly rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 12, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the second book in this series.

Hugh Maccarrick is a hired killer, and he is cursed. Both he had and his two other brothers have believed that any woman they will love will end up being harmed. Jane Weyland is the daughter of Hugh's boss and she has been in love with Hugh since she first met him as a child.

Jane thought that she would never see Hugh again, and she couldn't stand the thought that she compared every man to him. She goes out to a party one night and she sees a man who looks This is the second book in this series. She goes out to a party one night and she sees a man who looks like Hugh. And of course it is.

Now she wants to know why he left her 10 years ago without a word, and why he's back. Hugh has returned because Jane's father has gotten in touch with him. His daughter's life is in danger and the only way for her father to protect her is for Hugh to take her away. Being the 19th century, it isn't proper for a lady to travel with a man that she isn't married to. So he asks Hugh to marry his daughter so he can protect her.

Hugh has always loved Jane, but he fears that this will end up killing her. But he can't let her die But for now he has to do everything to stay away from her so he doesn't consummate the marriage, but protect her at the same time. I thought this book was good. I felt for the characters and was frustrated when they kept skirting around the fact that they loved each other.

But I couldn't help rooting for Hugh and wishing everything worked out. The plot was also interesting and unique, and exciting enough to keep me interested.

I usually don't like historicals, but this one didn't bother me. I think it was because of Hugh's personality. Overall, it was a good book, and I would definitely recommend it to others. Feb 06, Shyann rated it it was amazing Shelves: This one flowed better then the first one. I loved it! Wish this wasn't just a trilogy I would of loved more books. So sad there's only one brother left!! Jun 10, Danette Steward rated it it was amazing Shelves: Much, much, better than the first book in the series!!

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This is the story of the 2nd brother of the MacCarrick brothers. In the hot springs: Feb 06, Shyann rated it it was amazing Shelves: Barnhill Praise for Beautiful Liar: 'An exotically filthy, devastatingly beautiful story, that will captivate and tease you long after the book is finished. I would fall in love with her, if I was a man.

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