Farsight Enclave Rules - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Rules Two Empires: warhammer 40k vs star wars. FARSIGHT ENCLAVES. 1. WARHAMMER 40, FARSIGHT ENCLAVES. Official Update Version Although we strive to ensure that our codexes and their. WARHAMMER 40, CODEX: FARSIGHT ENCLAVES. Official Update for 7th Edition, Version Although we strive to ensure that our codexes are perfect.

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This codex has all the rules you need to play a Farsight Enclaves (minus To be quite honest, a lot of people got really good at 40k back in 6th. On the following pages, you will find a step-by-step guide to painting the Citadel miniatures showcased in this article. In each case, you will see. So with the release of the new Farsight Supplement biosworisbeca.ga material across to track down the amazing artwork for GW's Warhammer 40k.

If your Warlord is not equipped with a battlesuit, re-roll this result. One use only. Declare your Warlord is using this ability at the start of one of your opponents turns.

T'au Empire

Your opponent has a -1 modifier to Reserve Rolls he makes this turn. The Warlord has the Fearless special rule. Declare your Warlord is using this ability at the start of one of your Shooting phases. For the duration of the phase, the Warlord and his unit have the Shred special rule. Shas'vre Ob'lotai , an AI-controlled XV88 Broadside battlesuit armed to the teeth with twin-linked smart missile systems, twin-linked, high-yield missile pods, two missile drones, and a seeker missile.

Based on the brain of Farsight's long-dead superior Ob'lotai. Is killed twice, the first is when he flies directly through a battle barge's void shields at over kph, isn't picked up by Imperial sensors or shot down either by the ship or its fighter craft , flies directly into the barrel of a battle-barge's cannon and then shoots the warhead inside to blow up the entire battle barge.

This also ends up wiping out an entire Space Marine chapter. Funnily enough too the novel that this happens in establishes well before this point that all of this would be impossible, and that if anyone were to try doing exactly what he did they would have the same result as a fly hitting a windshield and doing this also kills the electronics that don't get crushed, which would have destroyed him as well. The second time he gets destroyed was in the events of Mont'ka, but being an AI they just slapped his engram in a new XV88 body.

Also gains the ability to wirelessly transmit himself from one battlesuit to another in Farsight: Crisis of Faith, presumably because Phil Kelly forgot that he needed his chip to be plugged into a suit to control them and that he couldn't survive without his chip. Commander Sha'vastos, an old comrade of Farsight and one of the commanders who was forcefully equipped with a Puretide engram neurochip.

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It was a prototype, however, and rapidly began to degrade, damaging Sha'vastos' mind, so Farsight put him in stasis and smuggled him out of the Empire. Years later his scientists finally managed to remove it safely, and in gratitude Sha'vastos fights alongside his friend and leader in his XV8 Crisis battlesuit outfitted with a plasma rifle, a flamer, and two gun drones. Farsight, leader of the Enclaves. Has very dark and cracked skin thanks to exposure to heat and flames, as well as a mechanical replacement leg.

He pilots an XV8 Crisis battlesuit equipped with his trademark Dawn Blade, a high-intensity plasma rifle, and a shield generator mounted on one arm. Before finding the blade he used to mount a twin-linked fusion gun. Farsight's battlesuit is notably an archaic design, as it is over a hundred years old , but constant upgrades and crafty Earth-Caste maintenance keep the suit on par with current sleeker battlesuit designs of the rest of the Tau Empire.

Honor-Shas'vre O'Vesa, less of a Fire Caste warrior and more of an old Earth Caste mad scientist kept alive by microdrones, given the honorary title of "Shas" to denote his position as a warrior. Pilots a massive Riptide with excellent targeting arrays, an ion accelerator , a twin-linked fusion blaster , and a pair of shielded missile drones.

This gets changed to "can leave his suit after all, but pretends he can't" in Farsight: Crisis of Faith. Incredibly brave duh and fights with the last remaining Tau power fist-equivalent, the Onager Gauntlet.

Too bad we don't actually know what it looks like and his official image doesn't depict it Also uses a plasma rifle, a flamer , and a pair of gun drones.

Re Built to last, he also has a shield and stims injectors. His life support seems to have given him extended life, as he saves Farsight in Mont'Ka.

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At one point he's nearly killed by Space Marines as they tear his battlesuit apart, but he tricks them by not moving and pretending he's dead after they rip his suit open but before they attack him.

It's just as retarded as it sounds. Commander Brightsword, supposedly a generational pilot who inherited the title from the previous Brightsword, but actually a clone of him.

Possesses a scarred and pock-marked XV8 Crisis battlesuit that was also passed down, and fights with two fusion blades, which are melta swords that can also be twin-linked fusion blasters, and a shield drone. Commander Arra'kon, a Tau born in the Enclaves who served as supreme military commander during Farsight's hermetic absence. An expert strategist, and damned good in a fight, especially against infantry.

He pilots an XV Enforcer battlesuit armed with a plasma rifle, a cyclic ion blaster, an airbursting fragmentation projector, and two gun drones. They are shorter than humans and have a sturdy build. The Demiurg are defensively hostile, but not aggressively militaristic, preferring to flee from stronger enemies and seek better trading opportunities elsewhere.

As a result, they have generally avoided entering Imperial territory unless they are invited in , and are thus rarely encountered by the Imperium of Man. This also means that they possess no starships designed for military purposes, and their preference for flight over fight means they do not use ground units. However, being equipped with advanced Demiurg technology such as powerful cutting lasers used for asteroid mining , even the humble mining ships of the Demiurg such as the Bastion-class and massive Stronghold-class are capable of successfully engaging Tyranid Hive Ships head-to-head.

Galgs — green, frog-like aliens used as mercenaries. Hrenian — mercenaries, specializing in light infantry. Ji'atrix — voidfarers, skilled at space-travel. Morralian — mercenaries. Nicassar — the first alien race incorporated into the T'au Empire.

Farsight enclaves pdf

Completely space-borne, as they are too weak and immobile to be of any use on land. Insatiably curious, they explore and scout star systems for the T'au.

Even in space, they have poor offensive and defensive capabilities, nor do they possess any advanced economic infrastructure, because they hibernate whenever they are not actively exploring. They are also highly psychic, though the T'au try to keep this fact from the Imperium of Man, which seeks to stringently control psykers.

Tarellians — reptilian, dog-like aliens used as mercenaries. They possess a deep hatred of humans due to the severe losses their homeworlds have taken from Imperial campaigns.

Charpactin — Sentient fungoid alien race who became a client state of the T'au Empire during the 5th sphere expansion after their natural ability to enthrall living beings was observed by the Water Caste. Poctroon — Species that joined the Empire during the 1st sphere expansion, but was tragically wiped out by a virus.

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Their homeworld was inherited by the Tau, who transformed it into the Bork'an sept. Nagi — Highly intelligent, worm-like creatures that are capable of mind control from the world of Sha'galudd. Once enemies of the Tau, who fought a series of wars against the Nagi, they have since made peace with and joined the Empire, where they serve as advisors to the Ethereal caste. While not fully aware of its true nature, the Nagi know of the Warp-which they call "extra-dimensional space".

Anthrazods — A race regarded by the Tau as sturdy-if dim-witted, they have proven well suited to asteroid mining.

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Ranghon — A minor race that has been successfully assimilated into the Tau Empire. G'nosh — A race that is used to hauling cargo. Yabi-Yabi — A space-bound race. Brachyura — A tiny dexterous-limbed crustacean race from the planet of the same name, they are unmatched in the delicate assembly of small plasma generators needed to power Earth caste inventions. Greet — Race native to the ocean planet of Isla'su.

Formosian — A race that has joined the Empire. Thraxians — Chitin covered, multi-armed species that was assimilated into the Empire during the first sphere expansion. The Thraxian race is also noted to have migrated into Imperium territory before they joined the Empire-which is odd, as official first contact between the Tau and the Imperium occurred during the second sphere expansion.

The Greater Good[ edit ] The uniting philosophy of the T'au race is called "The Greater Good", which stresses communal living and cooperation, a convivial attitude to aliens, and self-sacrifice for the good of the whole.He stays there for 30 days before returning to the Empire to summon a war council.

Farsight IS Roy Batty now. In the years between the Damocles Crusade and the 13th Black Crusade by the forces of Chaos , the T'au have been slowly but steadily expanding their sphere of influence, retrenching in the face of powerful alien races.

That idea of Farsight's Dawnblade literally facing the rising sun, was awesome! He is also a clone of the Gundam character Char.

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