Book Description: "The Atharvaveda (atharvaveda, a tatpurusha compound of atharvan, a type of priest, and veda meaning "knowledge") is a sacred text of. The Atharva Veda is the "knowledge storehouse of atharvāṇas, the procedures for everyday . The hymns of the 20th book of Atharvaveda Samhita is almost entirely borrowed from the Rigveda. The hymns of Atharvaveda cover a motley. Whitney's labors on the Atharva-Veda The editor's special introductions to theeighteen books, ii. Added special introductions to the hymns of book xviii. etc.

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This is an English translation of the hymns of the Atharvaveda by Ralph T.H. Griffith, arranged by book. Book 1[edit]. Hymn 1 · Hymn 2 · Hymn 3 · Hymn 4 · Hymn 5 · Hymn 6 · Hymn 7 · Hymn 8 · Hymn 9 · Hymn 10 · Hymn 11 · Hymn 12 · Hymn Atharva-Veda Samhita () Whitney's labors on the Atharva-Veda, xxiii Added special introductions to the hymns of book xviii. etc. xxxi.

Note that these gods are not mere nature powers; they are the powers associated with the governance of universe and governance of individuals. They deal with the forces dealing with all aspects of work such as will-power, clarity of mind, the happiness derived from work, the foundations of the universe etc.

Chapter 10 contains the hymns dealing with philosophical topics such as the gross and subtle structure of man, the Supreme Brahman, and the Support of the universe denoted by the word skambha. Chapter 11 contains the sukta AV It is usually titled as 'Brahmacharya'; the word is translated as 'celibacy' in classical Sanskrit. But in the Veda, it signifies a way of life. The last chapter is the Ode to Earth, a hymn of 63 mantras.

It goes far beyond the ideas of modern ecology.

Indian Literature has a large number of maxims, or proverbs known as 'Subhashita' or 'good saying'. The source of many of them is Atharva Veda. Chapter 2 has about such precepts of wisdom. Each item is a part of a mantra of AV.

The book gives the English translation of the phrase and the original text of the part of the AV mantra. He had his masters degree form Indian Institute of science, Bangalore and obtained Ph. He is the recipient of many international awards. He has authored more than research papers. He has guided more than 50 Ph.

He has written extensively on Veda. He has given the word-meaning of all the verses from the first suktas of Rig Veda. He has to his credit six major books on the Veda. Join our Vedic Books family by subscribing to our newsletter and keeping up with divine wisdom from India. Type your information below: Animals are our brothers and sisters, we should protect and serve them, never harm them.

More wisdom The Wisdom of Atharva Veda by Dr. Click to enlarge. Detailed Product Info: The Wisdom of Atharva Veda Author s: Kashyap ISBN: Review by siva: Vedic Books Sales Rank: Vedic Books Product Explorer Explore more books in. Customers who bought this product also downloadd Care of the eyes. A prayer to Lightning, against fever, headache, and cough.

A prayer for the prosperity of an institutor of sacrifice. A charm to avert evil spirits of misfortune and to secure prosperity. A prayer for protection from arrows and for the punishment of enemies. A prayer to Soma, the Maruts, Mitra, and Varuna, for protection.

A charm to ensure long life and glory to the wearer of an amulet.

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Hymn 4: A charm to ensure health and prosperity by wearing an amulet. Counter-charm, with an amulet, against an enemy's spell. A prayer for vengeance on a malicious rival worshipper. A charm against enemies, goblins, and other evil creatures. A prayer or charm for the defeat and destruction of enemies in battle. Hymn 5: A King's address to an amulet which is to strengthen his authority.

Hymn 6: Address to an amulet which is to secure the defeat of the wearer's enemies.

A charm with an amulet of buck horn to drive away hereditary disease. A charm to secure the submission, love, and fidelity of kinsmen. A glorification of the office of a king's household priest. In honour of fire in all shapes, to appease Agni of the funeral pile and to quench the flames of cremation. The taming and training of an elephant for a king to ride on.

A charm to remove a woman's sterility, and to assure the birth of boys. A charm consigning an enemy to the serpents for punishment. A charm to change the ill-omened birth of twin calves into a blessing.

On the means to obtain immunity from taxation in the next world. A prayer or charm to secure love and concord in a family. Cosmogonical and mystico-theological doctrine Hymn 2: To the unknown God. Hymn 3: A Charm against tigers, wolves, thieves and other noxious creatures. Hymn 9: A charm addressed to a precious ointment for safety and wealth. A charm accompanying investiture with an amulet of shell. A glorification of the sacrificial gharma or milk caldron.

A counter-charm and charm to secure general protection. A charm for the acquisition of superhuman powers of sight. Magnification of the Odana or oblation of milk and rice.

A charm against fiends, human enemies, and other pests. A prayer to various deities for health, wealth, and prosperity.

A prayer to Agni, Indra, and other deities for victory and prosperity.


A charm for the discomfiture and destruction of hostile priests. A prayer to Heaven and Earth for protection and assistance. A prayer to the presiding deities of the four quarters for protection.

A hymn to the War-drum and various deities for victory. A prayer to various deities for protection and prosperity. A prayer to Agni and Indra for the well being of a princely patron. A prayer to Soma and other gods for help and protection.

The Atharva Veda/Book 1

A charm to remove pustules or scrofulous swellings apachitas. A charm to avert misfortune foreshown by the coming of a dove. A charm to avert misfortune foreshown by the coming of a dove and an owl. A prayer for protection, long life, and various blessings.

A prayer for preservation from mental sin and evil promptings. A prayer for recovery and preservation of health and security.

A King's charm to conciliate his discontented kinsmen. A charm to accompany the symbolical loosing of sacrificial victims. A prayer for pardon of faults and errors in sacrificing.

A prayer for pardon of sin against mother, father, son, or brother. A prayer for release from debts incurred without intention of payment. Hymn 2: Praise of Atharvan Hymn 3: Praise of Agni as the Sun.

A glorification of sacrifice Hymn 6: A prayer to Aditi for help and protection. A prayer for influence at deliberative and religious meetings. To Savitar, or Yama invested with Savitar's attributes. A prayer for freedom from sin and the overthrow of enemies. A prayer for the prosperity of a King and his kingdom.

A parting traveller's address to the houses of his village. A charm to cure pustules, sores, or scrofulous swellings apachitas.

An enunciation of cosmogonical, ritual, and metrical doctrine. A glorification of the Asvins' whip and a prayer for blessings. A charm for the cure of various diseases connected with Consumption. Enunciation of mystico-theological and cosmological doctrine. A charm to secure long life, health, prosperity and fame.

A charm to overthrow a rival and gain strength, dignity, long life, children, and general prosperity. Speculations on the Supreme Being and Cosmogonical and theological subjects. A glorification of the sacred Cow as representing the radiant heavens.

An accompaniment to the preparation and presentation of a Brahmaudana. A glorification of the Odana or oblation of boiled rice. A glorification of the Brahmachgri or religious student.

A prayer to all Divinities and Sanctities for deliverance from distress. A glorification of the Uchchhishta or Residue of Sacrifice. A funeral hymn, and deprecation of Agni the Consumer of corpses. An accompaniment to the preparation and presentation of sacrificial offerings by a householder and his wife, with prayer for prosperity and happiness on earth and in heaven. The glorification of Rohita, a form of Fire and of the Sun.

A glorification of Rohita. On the preparation and use of holy water, with, a prayer for purification and freedom from sin.How can Nammazhvar offer to the Lord what. The epic describes a great war of some years ago and the events that led to it. Organization Of The Atharvaveda There are hymns in the Atharva Veda, subdivided into 6, verses, and organized into 3 major divisions. She wrote a religious work titled Avvaikural. Manuscripts collated after publication of the text O.

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