Download the Forgotten Realms Bibliography to see the list in PDF format. Download the Forgotten Realms Novel Checklist (KB), compiled by Sir Urza Reading List, by Jason Chambers, to keep track of all the novels owned and read. R. A. Salvatore, 25 books. Ed Greenwood, 15 books. Douglas Niles, 3 books. Baker, Richard, 2 books. Anthony, Mark, 2 books. Paul S. Kemp, 1 book. A list of every novel set in the Forgotten Realms D&D world. Sojourn (Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy, #3; Legend of Drizzt, #3) by series in the FR universe, each series ranging between 3 and 8 novels each.

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Realms of the Undead??/ The Avatar Series. Shadowdale. Tantras. Waterdeep. Prince of Lies. Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad. The Baldur's Gate Series. Forgotten Realms - The Dark Elf Trilogy 01 - Homeland () (Salvatore, R.A.) Exile: The Dark Elf Trilogy, Part 2 (Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt, Book II) Novels by R.A. Salvatore The Icewind Dale Trilogy The Crystal Shard. This is a list of fantasy fiction novels based in the role-playing game setting of the Forgotten Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

FOR1 - Draconomicon. FOR11 - Cult of the Dragon.

FOR12 - Demihumans of the Realms. FOR13 - Secrets of the Magister. FOR5 - Elves of Evermeet. FOR7 - Giantcraft.

Forgotten Realms

FOR8 - Pages from the Mages. FR10 - Old Empires. FR11 - Dwarves Deep. FR12 - Horde Campaign.

FR14 - The Great Glacier. FR16 - The Shinning South. FR7 - Hall of Heroes. FR8 - Cities of Mystery.

Publishing History

FR9 - The Bloodstone Lands. FRA1 - Storm Riders. FRA2 - Black Courser.

FRA3 - Blood Charge. FRE1 - Shadowdale.

FRE3 - Waterdeep. FRQ2 - Hordes of Dragonspear. FRQ3 - Doom of Daggerdale. FRS1 - The Dalelands. Forgotten Realms Adventures. Forgotten Realms Atlas.

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Forgotten Realms Conspectus. Four from Cormyr. Heroes' Lorebook.

How the Mighty are Fallen. LC1 - Gateway to Ravens Bluff.

LC3 - Nightwatch in the Living City. LC4 - Port of Ravens Bluff.

Lands of Intrigue. Marco Volo Arrival. Marco Volo Departure. Marco Volo Journey. Maztica Campaign Boxed Set. Menzoberranzan Boxed Set.

Netheril Empire of Magic Boxed Set. Player's Guide to the Forgotten Realms. That cooperation would increase in , thanks in large part to the Forgotten Realms' new fiction line editor, James Lowder.

Salvatore were as involved as possible with "Hall of Heroes". He then worked with Ed Greenwood, who offered some additional notes on the content. At the time, Lowder was also coordinating the Realms' biggest ever fictional event, the Avatar trilogy They created detailed backstories for the Avatar protagonists, even as the novels were being written. These bios were then passed on to writer David Martin so that the stars of the Realms' would be among the heroes of "Hall".

Two years after the Realms' inception at TSR, it was more than ever the work of many hands. Increasingly, those hands were spread across the world: with Ciencin in Florida, Salvatore in Massachusetts, and Greenwood in Canada. James Lowder's work as fiction line editor and coordinator showed how those diverse creators could still work together to create a coherent world. Origins V : The Missing Book.

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James Lowder's coordination of "Hall of Heroes" ensured that it supported the first ten Realms novels … but there's actually one more in there. It was under consideration by Jean Black, the head of TSR's fiction department, and presumably would have been the eleventh Forgotten Realms novel. Its characters are all included in "Hall of Heroes". Unfortunately, that novel never came to be. Cook would eventually get to write a Kara-Tur-related novel when he led off the Empires trilogy with Horselords , though it would be Troy Denning who actually passed into the east with the second novel, Draognwall NPCs were an integral element of the Forgotten Realms.

This was obvious from the first time that Elminster himself wrote about "Pages from the Mages" in Dragon 62 June The Realms novels only increased the importance of non-player characters. In later years, the Realms would increasingly acrue a reputation for being a setting full of powerful and important NPCs.

NPCs of Note. Elminster is the only "major character" found in "Hall of Heroes" who isn't a major protagonist in a novel, though he was prominent in Spellfire. The rest of the major characters in "Hall of Heroes" all link more directly to fiction: The Moonshae Trilogy. Alias, Dragonbait The Avatar Trilogy.Lost Tomb of Martek July The Cleric Quintet. Accompaniment to Ghostwalker. Realms of Shadow. Forgotten Realms IDW hardcover. The Dragonreach Saga.

Forsaken House August 2: I have had few friends in my Friendship: the word has come to mean many different things among the various races and cultures of both the Underdark and the surface of the Realms. Telling Lies October

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