Talking and thinking in human way about abstract numbers . worth mentioning the case of Daniel Tammet (known for his record of recit- ing digits of π. Thinking in Numbers. Daniel Tammet Also available in audiobook: Download our app for free listening. Mathematics is unlimited; Probability can feed your. THINKING IN NUMBERS is the book that Daniel Tammet, mathematical savant and bestselling author, was born to write. In Tammet's world, numbers are.

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This is the book that Daniel Tammet, bestselling author and mathematical savant, was born to write. In Tammet's world, numbers are beautiful and mathematics. But it is a book not just about the mind of Daniel Tammet, but a book about his world as well. And both . Thinking of numbers helps me to become calm again. What do you think Daniel Tammet's unusual b was more interested in the numbers in his head. 3 Which do you think is more important in life: academic.

Not hours. Not weeks, but Fred-years. In the end, I had some very cool structures. But to get to that point took a lot of work. It appears to me that there was a tremendous amount of work that had to be put into all of the order here in the living things on Earth. So, where does this lead me in this discussion? All of the galaxies do, in fact, seem to be heading away from the event.

I personally believe that the big bang only strengthens the argument for God, although others feel that it weakens the argument. There was no space.

There were no boundaries on the edge of the universe. There was no time. There was no dark matter. There was no regular matter.

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There was nothing. Then all of a sudden, there was something and lots of it. All of this energy expanding, making space, making time, and making me confused some 13 billion years after the event.

All of the energy exploded in all directions. But now, here is the interesting part: Nothing is highly ordered. How can that be? Nothing is nothing. And in the context of something and nothing, nothing is highly ordered.

Still not convinced? A child runs through, takes off his jacket, and throws it on the floor. Now there is something in the room. Does it have more or less order than when it had nothing in the room?

Whenever we need to put value into something, we use mathematical logic to find the right way to do it. How numbers shape our days From when you wake up to when you go to sleep, the numbers are influencing the way things are done.

When going to work every day, you should thank the numbers for helping a transportation engineer calculate the distances and angles in your city. You can thank math for helping law enforcement figure out speed limits and distances from mandatory stops.

And if you live in a big city, you must have seen numbers sorting the streets too! Math and numbers have also influenced the calendar you use to make appointments! For many years, scholars try to figure out the perfect way to measure the days, from sunrise to sunset, week after week, year after year. Unfortunately, for them, days do not have a fixed size, and any attempt to create a fixed calendar will end up unusable by the rotations of the sun.

Knowing the kinds of problems caused by these irregular days, it is no wonder that mathematicians were so sought after. Scholars were recruited to measure the movements of the sun, to find patterns at sunrise and sunset, and to create a system of days that would guarantee that society would always be in sync with the cycle. We should thank mathematicians for our current system of leap years because without them we would be in the dark all of a sudden.

Concepts of Mathematics applied to nature The concepts of mathematics are even in nature. Have you ever noticed how nature affects the shapes of snowflakes?

In a temperature-controlled vacuum, they might look perfectly symmetrical, but variations in temperature, winds, and other factors in our world mean that flakes have different shape patterns.

This is why snowflakes have infinite variations. Just as unpredictable variables can affect the formation of snowflakes, mathematical variables can affect a formula.


We think mathematics is very rigid, but the reality is not this: things that seem random are a combination of effects that happen for a reason. Just as the perfect symmetry of snowflakes can be a special thing, a complete formula can become a completely different thing with the introduction of new variables, turning into a whole new thing. Although our world is not unlimited, we as human beings still love exploring nature. Although our minds are captivated by infinity, the boundaries still give us a sense of wonder and joy.

These boundaries do not make things less interesting, and the chance to discover or document an entire planet is a great attraction to curious minds. The same is true for mathematicians. Just because there is a finite limit on something, it does not make it less valuable.

Different permutations in a formula or changes of states in a chessboard generate fascinating studies. Exploring these studies is very encouraging for some people, just as exploring our world is as well. The world works as a formula You will find mathematical principles shaping events around the world, but they may be too small for you to see. In mathematics, an equation can change radically if you change a variable by even a tenth.

Sums and products change, other variables are affected and what you thought to be just an imperceptible difference produces great results and drastic differences.

Turn on the news or read the newspaper and you will find the same truths around the world. Small variables do not make the news, but we see their eventual effects daily.

Things as small as a lost phone call or traffic on the way to a meeting seem irrelevant, but they can change the world events entirely. Small changes transform the world, but many times we do not even notice them. We assume that large occurrences are the most important when changes and small factors may have caused the big ones in the first place.

Any mathematician will confirm that this is true also in your area and for the formulas and equations used daily. Looking at how the world works and how the formulas work, it is easy to see how a mathematical thought can be applied in our daily lives!

Some dangers of thinking like a Mathematician Although mathematics is a powerful tool for exploring and shaping our world, there are dangers in its misuse.

In mathematics, a mean is a statistical norm, a point in the middle of the die. We use it to find things like "the average person" or "the average diet.

It's a great way to get information about the cultures around us. But there is also a downside to that. When compared to the average, a different person may find it unacceptable. She may want to change to fit what is revealed by statistics as normal. But people are not percentages. Ears that hear too often news of wars and famine and misery.

And, at the same time, I think we're, all of us, wise enough to realize Plato was perhaps a little bit naive as well. There are things that we cannot calculate. There is always an element of humanity that escapes mathematics, that escapes numbers as well. When I was a child on the autistic spectrum, there were many things that my mother did, or said, that I didn't understand.

Probability can feed your imagination

And I constructed something like a model, what mathematicians would call a predictive model, of her behavior, to create an imaginary mother. And of course, what I came to realize was that it was impossible.We see milk in our refrigerator that is smelling bad and then we assume that it is sour, based on our past experiences.

Since we are very young, we associate each word with one thing, and our mind creates the connections between the two. Regular repetitions in music, poetry, art, and math create calm, balanced, and easy patterns. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Ask my wife.

When compared to the average, a different person may find it unacceptable.

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