The Look of Love book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Chloe Peterson is having a bad night. A really bad night. The l. The Look Of Love. The Sullivans, Book 1. THE LOOK OF LOVE introduces you to a fun and emotional contemporary romance series about the Sullivan family. The Sullivans. The Look of Love (#1) ~ Chase Sullivan & Chloe Peterson. From this Moment On (#2) ~ Marcus Sullivan & Nicola Harding. Can't Help Falling In.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Find out why 5 million readers have fallen in love with Bella Andre's Sullivans! "Love just pours off the pages!" Guilty Pleasures. Descargar libro THE LOOK OF LOVE (THE SULLIVANS 1) EBOOK del autor BELLA ANDRE (ISBN ) en PDF o EPUB completo al MEJOR. The Look of Love. The Sullivans (Series). Book 1. Bella Andre Author (). cover image of The Look of Love · The Look of Love. The Sullivans (Series). Book 1.

After learning that her family has lied to her for pretty much her entire life, Tasha flees San Francisco for the mountains. As she tries to bury her heartache by hammering her dilapidated cabin back together, the last thing she expects is to fall for a sexy billionaire. But when a storm blows in and she desperately needs help, there is Daniel, waiting with open arms.


Tasha believes Daniel deserves a woman from a perfect, loving, tight-knit family like his. Yet how can she possibly resist a man this sweet and generous…who looks positively sinful in his tool belt? With every delicious taste of him, Tasha finds it harder to quell the hopes and dreams she thought were crushed forever.

Or will it destroy any chance they ever had? And we loved the setting too. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful part of California that we love to visit. Thank you for supporting our Mavericks—and our writing dreams. We hope you absolutely adore Wild In Love!

Happy reading, Bella and Jennifer P. More Mavericks are coming soon! Please sign up for our New Release newsletters for more information. The air held the crisp scent of the mountains, and he breathed deeply to take in the sweetness.

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Except for the insistent thwack of a staple gun spoiling the perfect quiet. Since his last visit over three months ago, someone must have moved into the run-down shack up the hill—the blue tarps on the roof were new, and a small, older-model truck had replaced the rusted hulk on the gravel drive. His family had been right; he definitely needed a few days away to recharge. Weekends had been out of the question as well, given that they had become a revolving door of birthday parties and sports events and barbecues with his friends and their wives or girlfriends and children.

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A partner they could share everything with. Love and companionship and intimacy. Over the past few months, Daniel had begun to realize that being the only unattached Maverick separated him from the pack.

He was now the odd man out. His face filled millions of screens on a homebuilding TV show that aired weekly.

He had more money than he could possibly spend.

But something was missing. Someone was missing.

Someone to share it all with. It had never felt sappy to say that he wanted the kind of love his mom and dad had found.


His mother, Susan Spencer, set the bar. But Daniel knew better now. His parents were his rocks, his guides.

The Look of Love

They never faltered, never screwed up, even though they had struggled to make ends meet for most of their lives. In that grimy Chicago neighborhood, which was the only place they could afford, Bob and Susan Spencer had taken in his friends—all the Mavericks—and though each of the boys had gone through his own struggles, none of them had ever been left wanting for love or attention.

At present, the exterior was complete except for the trimmings. He had electricity as well as plumbing, one working bathroom, and a carefully handcrafted river-rock fireplace. The refrigerator, countertop microwave and coffee machine were the only working appliances in the kitchen, but he did all the real cooking on the barbecue anyway. Just like his life. He shook his head, cursing himself for falling into a mental hole again.

This week away from work was supposed to renew him. He knew exactly what would knock some sense back into his brain—a cannonball into the frigid lake.

The ice and snow that had covered the water for the past several months had only just melted.

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She believed it now. Unfortunately, it also made it tough to position herself properly to tack down the squares of plastic tarp with a staple gun.

Besides, anything was better than thinking about her family. And as all twenty-seven years of her life flashed by, one particularly horrible scene stood out in vivid Technicolor. Tasha had been dating Eric for almost a year.

She felt like a character on Downton Abbey when she was with him.

It has been reported to be in the seven figure range. This deal further expands Bella Andre into the public eye, and before you know it her sensual tales will have hit 20 million readers and beyond, all over the world. When she is not writing her romantic novels, or in lockdown as she likes to call it, Bella Andre likes to get out and enjoy life.

She likes to remain active by running, hiking, swimming or just spending time with her husband and two children. But she also recently became the number one ranked author on the top ten list at site. The list includes the likes of Stephen King, James Patterson and JK Rowling, making Bella Andre an even bigger success story and proof that the self publishing trend can be a profitable route for authors to go down. Her big claim to fame came with the first book in the Sullivan series, The Look of Love.

Since it was released Bella Andre has gone on to release another nine sequels in the series. Each one focusing on a member of the Sullivan family. The Look of Love started this steamy, heart wrenching, romantic book series in a big way. It gave readers more than enough sensual romance to get the juices flowing. Chloe and Chase are the stars of the first novel. Both of whom are of course single and they meet in an unexpected way, Chloe accidentally drives into a ditch, while she was running away from something terrible in her past.

Throughout the story there is a give and take of romance, until finally the two realize they are right for one another. But the first novel is what many of her fans clamor over when they think of the two. Wild Heat combines the romance Bella Andre is known for with mystery and murder. But upon circling back to her main suspect, Logan Cain, she finds a kindred spirit and realizes it was not him that committed the murder. Bella Andre ramped up her writing with this novel, adding all kinds of elements to the novel, while keeping the heart of the matter in the romance, which is what her readers expect of her, while at the same time giving them a surprise with the extra layers to the novel.

Her capture of longing and desire is mixed in perfectly, giving our readers what they truly want, a relationship like that of those in the pages of her books.

It is usually the way with romantic novels because they tend to go over better in an in house read. Unless of course your 50 Shades of Grey. Having been dumped from her New York publisher and in three short years amassed over two million book sales through self publishing, Bella Andre has become an inspiration to many authors, no matter the genre.

She has proven what hard work and dedication can do, if one just sticks with it and continues on their own road to success. With new ideas and projects in the works, as well as the continuing saga of her Sullivan romantic book series, there will be no slowing down for the likes of Bella Andre. She will continue to give her readers what they want, filling their minds of romance for years to come. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below.

Book s.I loved the beginning of this book. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Lust I understood but love? He tossed Eric out of the office, slamming the door behind him.

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