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And she is an Indian. She makes Indian food. Chapter 2: Arjun is an Indian boy who has a mother who makes Indian food. Chapter 3: Indian boy Arjun's Indian mother makes Indian food.

Yes, sorry, I couldn't get beyond that!! I had to learn the names of the characters by painstakingly turning the pages beyond the point where I decided to call it quits. Whopping four pages into the book Whoever prodded him to write moron! That is the flip side of this five full minutes of the traumatic experience.

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

It's not right, and it's definitely not okay and make sure I don't chance upon another of your books, for your own good, dear author. As for as this one is concerned, I want to scream and shout; To let it all out!! But, I will take the chill pill. Toss the book over my shoulder. And, set the bin aflame. And, I won't come for your life. Rest assured. I am not that big an author. The afternoon is buzzing with possibilities.

He is not scared of the future. I am the best. He reads a few chapters from his. His natural charm and friendly disposition make it easier for people to ask him questions and get to know him better. Yet the crowds around make him anxious.

He crosses the central area of the mall and takes the escalators. He wears square-framed spectacles which keep sliding down his small nose. Arjun is not tall but has broad shoulders and the blue blazer he has worn falls perfectly on his frame. By getting engaged at least someone will be there to pamper him or choose the colour of the shirt he is going to wear or the hairstyle he should keep.

Everyone settles down as the host announces the commencement of their meet. He remembers what his Nanu said—Bong girls are beautiful but they are modern and clever too. He has a light beard on his face which gives him that rugged look.

Sometimes during these moments he feels alone. He takes a sip of water. He has made peace with the possible ups and downs of life. A few girls look inside through the glass windows curiously. He finally reaches South City Mall at 4. I think I am not that big yet. Arjun thinks while stepping inside the bookstore. He imagines the new faces he will meet. After a cab ride.

See a Problem?

He is energized and in high spirits and keeps repeating these lines to himself. Arjun talks about relationships. I mean. His dark hair and solemn brow give him a look of being introspective. Does it really exist or is it just a term which is used in books and never found in hearts. It was when she was gorging on a hot dog in a college cafeteria. He answers after taking some time. Can you tell us something about the similarity between the love you have experienced in your own life and the one you write about in your books?

Arjun is surprised but does not let it appear on his face. Someone from the crowd asks. The innocent yet playful expression in her eyes. Both of them laugh.

Anushka looks beautiful. Even the host is giggling standing near him. I just want to say. She gets up and repeats her question. Books exist to make them live forever. I feel lucky to be able to convey them in words. He pretends she is an unknown face. I am a victim of the same type of family.

Though he had to pay a price for it later. And to answer your question specifically. To those of us who have a great present. It takes forty-five minutes to end the event which is sooner than he expected.

The session becomes interactive and interesting with time. Arjun realizes that he has answered almost every question well. At the extreme end he spots the face and smiles before answering her question. He is reminded of the first time he met her. Is there someone special in your life? Anushka has always been that friend to Arjun. I extended my stay here by one more day and have come to meet you.

Though I doubt that you had it in mind to surprise me. I have come with my chacha and chachi. I look pretty anyway.

They both have a hearty laugh. I was following your updates on Facebook. By the way. So are you going out of your way just to show that you care for me? He takes out a chocolate from the inner pocket of his blazer. Just to spend time with my family.

You have learnt so many things from me in the last couple of years. I am on vacations with family. Now that you are here. Arjun smiles and gives her a hug. He usually carries one. They both come out of the bookstore and walk towards Coffee World. What is the reason you are in Kolkata? You were supposed to come with me. He takes his blazer off and they both sit in a cozy corner of the coffee shop. She stayed in the hostel with her friends.

Arjun politely says no. Anushka tears the sugar pouch and pours it into her cup. She believes Punjabis are meant to do business. Everyone goes through a break up. She always wanted to start a venture of her own but she was confused. Now she says she wants to do fashion designing. Left with no other choice. Few days ago. Should I bring her to Mumbai? The waiter places two cups of coffee on the table. That might help.

I am sure she likes you. After spending four years in college. The foundation of every problem. There are so many good institutes in Delhi. You guys getting together will be the perfect combination—one will love me and the other will care for me. Arjun and Anushka enter Coffee World. She became a gutsy. I was always smarter than you at least. After trying to ignore it for a while. You can meet Mom as well and tell her that you live in Mumbai.

After spending some time exploring the streets of Kolkata. Before Arjun can say anything. The next day. I have been smart since our college days. He is utterly confused now. Over and out. I just want to help Angira start a new life. Nicely played. So prepone your schedule if you have any. That will help Angira get her permission to go to Mumbai. Arjun feels ignored as Anushka constantly texts someone on their way to the arrival terminal at the New Delhi airport.

When you are in trouble. In his case. You know Mom. Miss Anushka. He decides to go to Delhi next week. He finds this behaviour a little discourteous.

Managing his itinerary should not be a problem. He knows that by the end of this. Why is she insisting on him meeting her mom so suddenly? Girls never tell everything at once.

Anushka rings the bell. Despite their differences. I will be there in thirty minutes. I was texting Angira. I am not messaging any guy. I am feeling ignored. He starts setting his hair and licking his lips to make them look fresh and lively. There is a difference. Standing at the door. He calls them the natural and instant make-up tool for guys. I think you still feel jealous. Her cellphone rings.

I will be there. As usual Arjun rearranges his clothes and sets his hair again. He cannot pinch his cheeks in public to make them blush. Somebody is feeling jealous. Once in the cab. She starts laughing. So no need to come. He feels a little weird for a moment but he has to smile in front of Aunty. Creaking and groaning at the hinges. I am hungry too.

She considers him to be her own son and Arjun has always been close to her. She left my hair dryer on in the room. She has a romantic husband who spends most of his time with her but these days he is travelling on some business. While one is there with Arjun in the room. I will show you my room. She should be home soon. We used to have such great discussions there. Arjun greets her by touching her feet. Years have passed but Arjun has maintained his relationships in a way that they only become stronger with time.

Dimpy aunty is cheerful but also calm. Arjun laughs out loud. Dimpy aunty greets them. They have raised two girls together. But once you said you will come on your own. She has changed a lot. What do we do now? Should I beg her to send Angira with me?

Turning the pages of the book. I know she can manage herself very well. He lies down on the bed. All Indian mothers operate from the kitchen. The room is dark when they enter.

If you can assure her that you will be there for her and take Angira under your wings. She sits next to him and the bed creaks. Are you done laughing? These designs are really nice. You owe me a treat if Aunty agrees.

She is lying down on the bed next to Arjun. Anushka hides the clothes under the pillow before Arjun notices them. Anushka switches on the lights. The food is ready. She became so happy after seeing you. She misses a son in the family. So where is she? When is she coming home? Aunty announces. It seems the room is shared by Angira and Anushka. Angira will be stuck here forever otherwise.

It's Not Right...but It's Okay

I agree. She is a little embarrassed. She just needs some time to get her life back together. He is not sure yet about looking after Angira in Mumbai. Her lips are pink. She has the perfect curves. I mean he is impressed. Arjun looks at Angira and murmurs. Keeping his word to Anushka. By the way mamma. Dimpy aunty brings her humour to the table as well. She has already lost a son. Punjabi girls are hotter than the girls of any other state. Angira looks like a typical Punjabi girl.

I have decided. So I asked her to look for something here in Delhi. I will study hard. They all gather at the dining table in the hall. I saw her sketches in the room and she really has potential. Hope you are doing well. What if something happens to her in the future that Dimpy aunty might not appreciate?

Angira comes back and joins them. Good to see you home.

At five feet four inches. I am telling her to get into a good college in Delhi if she really wants to study. My friend Charu is also going. Anushka told me that Angira is coming to Mumbai for fashion designing. She can go there if she wants to go. She looks rather cute with a reluctant smile. After marriage. Along with dinner. Her natural jet black hair curls around her forehead.

If she wants to come to Mumbai. Arjun understands that things seem to be going as per plan for Angira. Thanks for coming here. Whenever you come. She remains silent. No late night parties. So why are you worried? She looks like the real Angira now—happy and cheerful. That is what she likes best about him— his ability to make someone laugh no matter how tense the situation gets. Everything is fine now.

Let me go. Let me call Charu. Anushka hands over the car keys to Arjun as they begin preparing for their departure. He needs to catch his flight back to Mumbai. Come again. I have to come again next week. I came for some work and thought I must drop by to meet you.

She is warming up to the idea. He was waiting for your green signal!

The undermanagement epidemic

Now go pack your bags and get ready. Arjun is just listening to the whole conversation like a school kid in a classroom. I feel so happy. I am taking these guys out later and will drop Arjun as well. I will call you if I get late. Arjun smiles and remembers how years ago he used to roam around the streets of Delhi with Anushka by his side. Convincing your Mom to let you go to Mumbai.

Angira slows down in front of a karaoke lounge bar. They enter one of the best karaoke houses in Delhi—a vibrant. She gives him her blessings.

Arjun is ready within minutes. I know everything about you. What you do. I just manipulated a little. While you are in Delhi. This place is all yours.

You can come anytime you want to. No point going on about it. I was aware of it. She brought me here and lied to Aunty saying that I wanted to meet her. He sits on the backseat of the car with Anushka.

I am always embarrassed when I am with you. I need my cellphone. I need to analyse this tragedy. There is an unexpected announcement. Everything looks just perfect. Did you give them my name? Anushka holds the microphone. Anushka pokes Arjun in his waist. Though she replies with a nod. I am good. Clearly taken aback.

The menu is irresistible with classic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and salads. She gives her cellphone to Angira and goes to the stage confidently. Angira decides to skip food altogether and asks the waiter for vodka with orange juice. Which one is it? So go ahead. He decides not to ask anything further. I had heard her during our college days.

Angira is about to say something but she takes a sip of water and leans back instead. Arjun orders Paneer-e-Shola. Anushka told me a little bit. Arjun finishes his glass of beer. There is no God in the world. He reaches the stage and holds the microphone in his hand. People behave weirdly after drinking actually. Angira is emotional. Anushka joins them back. Oh my goodness. I am blessed. I had faith in God but whatever happened in my past has turned me into an atheist. Am I right? They say what they have always wanted to say.

Once the song finishes. Angira takes a large sip of vodka. Arjun is familiar with these hostels. Actually few of my friends want to meet you. He is not the kind of person who can call and chat with anyone at any time.

I am not going anywhere. So I better get some rest. You will drive to Saket at this hour? I know how terrifying Delhi can be. After an alcohol-laced evening. Though he is cool and open-minded.

Are you mad? I am going with him. Angira steps back and whispers. Arjun got his job offer by giving a confident interview. Arjun feels nervous as he follows her inside the premises. The guard looks at his cellphone and says. Boys are not allowed to enter. Talk to him first. It is an order from Singh Sahab. Angira takes her cellphone out and calls someone. The guard is not opening the gate. The guard opens the door and they enter. For a moment. Hiding the packet of cigarettes inside his jacket.

He gives a worn out register to Arjun to put his entry in it. Call her sister at the gate if you want. The security guard rubs his eyes and looks at them irritably. Angira decides to sign on behalf of Arjun and scribbles some obscure name that even she cannot read and mentions a phone number with her signature. And we just need to see her for an hour. He looks around. The door opens with shrieks of joy. He smiles back. Arjun responds with a courteous smile. Tonight was such a different experience with these sisters.

I am stuffed. Mansi and Charu take them to the bedroom because the hall is messy. A girl gets up from the other corner of the room in a hurry and says hello to everyone. Charu and Angira get chips and potato swirls from the kitchen. I hope you are comfortable here. Arjun has never tried hookah before. You know girls very well. She questions the need to get married. Charu dumps the mattress on the floor so everyone can sit comfortably.

Two red cups are placed on the stool. Mansi takes the hookah out of her cupboard and places it in the centre of the hall. Charu wants to study further just to be away from family and relatives. They both are planning to go to Mumbai together. The room has pink curtains and a rust-coloured bed that is set against the backdrop of whitepanelled walls. A student of Mathematics in Miranda House. It seems they have been partying. Though places are an extension of human behaviour and personality.

But yes. Anushka winks at Arjun. There are a few soft toys on the bed. Arjun starts exploring the room upon entering. Few rings come out half. Arjun says. Everyone takes turns to create these rings but no one is successful. The coal on top burns violently as she sucks it in. Mansi rolls her eyes and tells Angira to stop wasting the hookah. Angira and Charu laugh together. Angira looks jolly and happy. I have a love—hate relationship with cigarettes. Arjun notices Anushka texting someone over WhatsApp.

Only the few from Arjun come out in rings and go higher and higher. Having had hookah after drinks. He takes a small puff. Angira passes the hookah to Arjun this time and he is willing to try it. Arjun inhales the smoke and pushes a small amount of air out of his lower throat without taking a breath and without moving his lower jaw.

Everyone laughs at their failure. The room is full of smoke. She tries to create smoke rings. The first ring comes out in the air. I need to leave in some time. He has to catch his flight back to Mumbai. Angira takes the pipe from her and at first she does not inhale the smoke. Angira is completely out of her senses. It does not taste terrible. You must try it. See you again. The moment Arjun leaves with Anushka and Mansi. They all come downstairs and tell the guard to open the gate while he is smoking and enjoying the cold night.

Arjun calls the cab driver and cancels the ride. The guard has woken up again and recognizes that a cab has just arrived. The cab is on the way. Let me know once you reach there. Mansi follows them to the stairs. Arjun thanks everyone for their hospitality and waves his hand.

He hides the cigarettes and gulps down the smoke. I thought you were not coming. Iona is a hipster and fashion freak. Though Angira has never had weed before.

She is an engineer and a passionate traveller. I got some good stuff there. But be there at the breakfast table tomorrow morning. Iona is an easy-going person. Today she is wearing a funky shirt with swear words printed on it and an image showing the middle finger. Charu too has become a good friend recently. What are you girls doing at the gate in the middle of the night.

Someone was robbed or what? She is also a couch surfer couch surfing involves letting someone. We Party All Night Iona waves her hand in excitement. Where did you score this? Many a times she has had arguments with them because they consider couch surfing against their culture. Her dream is to walk the globe someday. Angira this is Iona.

No problem. Mom is alone. Iona takes something out from her pocket and hands it to Charu. She is confident. She attends the call. I am going home. Charu unlocks the door. She sits on the couch and looks outside from the sliding window. She licks the edge of the paper and sticks it. Then breathe it in slowly and exhale just as.

While sticking. The world is small. Angira ignores the joke. May be one day they will see each other again. Angira looks comfortable and happy in her company. Iona shoves her hand in her back pocket and gets a visiting card from her wallet. Angira and Iona might have one or two mainstream interests. Mansi gets a packet of cigarettes and she takes one out of the box.

I have tried this in college once. You told me that you never did. She cuts a small square of about half an inch and rolls it between her fingers. They all start talking about their crushes.

Charu takes that small packet and gives it to Iona. Iona puts a little weed on the newspaper and starts crushing it. She puts weed on the paper and rolls in gently while putting a bud at one end. Iona does crazy things on her own and her creative ideas impress everyone who are already high on weed.

Iona passes her a plate of chips and asks. Mansi ends up making a thank you speech to Iona for making the party special for everyone. Snapping her fingers.

Her tragic break-up few weeks ago left her high and dry. Take it slow and stop. She wants to enjoy her life but something always comes in the way. It is difficult for her to forget. When things have to happen. Let him live his life. Angira too feels like herself again after a very long time. Soon Mansi and Charu join in too and the party remains within this closed circle of friends.

Angira chooses to smile instead and calmly sips her vodka. Angira checks her cellphone and messages someone. Mansi and Charu look at Iona who is unaware of the consequences of this question. This is how parties begin! It feels like she has locked herself in a room and decided not to open the door for anyone.

The smoke brings out their sadness. All of a sudden. Whenever she drinks. Angira pours some more vodka in her glass and leans on the wall. Being a traveller. He was from Delhi too and slowly we became good friends. Eventually our friends started saying that we were in love. I have seen many people suffering from relationships and love. Being her close friend. Vodka Is New Angira finishes her glass of vodka. She suddenly changes her mind and decides to tell them her story.

Angira keeps the glass aside and stretches her legs. We gave a new definition to our friendship and that went on for three years during college. I was in college when I met him for the first time. No relationship can be defined by a few bad experiences someone has gone through.

I can help you. She sounds like she wants to help Angira. I was just annoyed with you for texting constantly. The same happened with Iona and Angira.

Iona wants Angira to find her passion and nurture it. Iona has met thousands of people. We were like soulmates. Soon we became the best of friends. We shared everything. Coffee Is Old.

We never thought about love and sex. I am so sorry if I have asked anything wrong.

You can only create the good ones by moving on. She believes that a heartbreak is the best time as your creativity comes out and you do something extraordinary. Angira looks lost. She starts. Though she knows what Angira has gone through.

Being her well-wisher she gives her a gentle smile. I am not supposed to talk about my personal matters.

Angira continues with an expressionless face. I knew he liked me but never expected that he would propose to me. I did not know what to do for the longest time. The hostel was partially CO-ED. On the last day of our semester exams. Somehow we always managed to jump over the wall and go for late night walks. He was the type of friend one would never want to lose because he had the ability to make you feel good.

My perception of love changed after this. I was in a different world. I tried my best to fix things but nothing worked out. This was an emotional moment for me. Iona feels sorry for her loss but being an eternal optimist. After all. He was involved with someone else and left me when he felt like I had become dependent on him. One night he sent me a video on WhatsApp. I had seen my friends heartbroken over failed relationships before.

We never met again. We were scared when one of our friends noticed us and then I had to tell her everything and advise her not to let it become college gossip. We started fighting about random things. I realized that he had feelings for me but I never took things forward and always treated him like my 4 a. How life changes in the blink of an eye. When college was over. He was there whenever I needed him.

Everything that has a beginning. Things will get better though. Everyone is just stunned. Nothing was working out for me anymore. I lost my faith in love and love lost me forever. We started meeting in the corners of our college campus. I was on top of the world but somewhere I was afraid too. He dedicated that beautiful song to me.

We refuse to believe in this because we feel our love is immortal. So I took time to make my decision. This was unexpected for everyone. That day I realized that my guy needed me for my body and not for love. Surrendering to my destiny was not something I wanted to do.

We went on a few overnight trips. I started overdosing on sleeping pills.These days, his Nanu is also at home. He keeps a positive attitude towards life and is a good listener. The more they use the Web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing. Okay, Mom, we got it. And to answer your question specifically, there is nothing called true or fake love or book-ish love for me.

Needless to say, the other tentacles of your Yearning Octopus find the moral tentacle to be insufferable. Before Arjun can say anything, she adds, And you are coming to Delhi next week anyhow. Am I going to drive? After a cab ride. Moreover, right now he is worried about his departure.

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