Improve your CiviCRM capabilities with this clever cookbook. Packed with recipes and screenshots, it's the natural way to dig deeper into the. Here is the finest pdf i actually have go through until now. CiviCRM Cookbook eBook, make sure you refer to the link beneath and download the file or get. have 25 CRM Pdf for Free Download Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dashboards Cookbook ยท CiviCRM Cookbook.

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JMUBCZFMBF \ CiviCRM Cookbook / PDF. CiviCRM Cookbook. By Tony Horrocks. Packt Publishing. Paperback. Condition: New. pages. Dimensions: . Ebook Pdf Civicrm Cookbook Horrocks Tony contains important information and a detailed explanation about Ebook Pdf Civicrm Cookbook Horrocks Tony, its. lfil cuntact Dashbgard Print PDF Letter Add Relationship Background Check Add recipe in this chapter - You can find further details about CiviCRM Activities.

All in all there were about 30 Civi folks gathered together. Having such a wide range of talents in the same place was quite awesome and led to some unplanned beneficial cross overs. Usability and naming improvements made their way from the book sprinters into the code sprint and book sprinters documented new functionality as it was being developed at the code sprint.

Public reactions I proudly showed the printed second edition to people at a non profit tech conference a couple of days before the training.

While most people reacted positively, I was suprised by a couple of the reactions I got. A couple of people, rather than being impressed with the thickness, found the book a little intimidating. Which brings us nicely on to our plans for the future The future One of the aims of next years book sprint funding permitting will be to split the single volume into a number of smaller books.

Each section already follows a pretty well defined structure with introduction and chapters on planning, configuring, everyday use, etc. From a technical point of view, the new Booki authoring engine should allow us to link the same source chapters into different books.

As well as cutting down on maintenance, this should be a good discipline for ensuring the right content is in the right place, and that we really are being comprehensive. As the book has become more mature, we are begining to wonder about the relationship between the book and the wiki. We are seeing more and more people link to the book from the support forums. And this raises the questions: What belongs in the wiki and what in the book? Where should I document this new bit of information?

Is the book just a more stable version of the wiki or do they cater for different audiences? Is it OK for us to copy from the wiki to the book and visa versa?

Is the book just a more stable version of the wiki or do they cater for different audiences? Is it OK for us to copy from the wiki to the book and visa versa? Another question we are condisering is distribution. We currently host the book at http: We could also look at including the book with the download compressed and without pictures it is only kb. And we can even click to make an ebook version. Very cool! So dig in and edit and improve the book! And let us know your thoughts on what you'd like to see in future versions.

CiviCRM Cookbook

Suggestions and ideas for future sprints are welcome here or in the documentation forum: Funny but understandable that people both complain about the lack of documentation for Open Source software generally, but then they or others complain when the documentation is too voluminous!

I think the book and the wiki should cater for different audiences, and perhaps one way to address the concern about the size of the book is to have less in the book and have references to the wiki for more information on specific areas in the book.

As CiviCRM is an online tool that is often configured very specifically to a client's requirements, I think a lot of the "administration guide" and advanced "user guide" type information is most relevantly in the wiki, while the book can focus on general understanding of CiviCRM, how it is fundamentally different from proprietary platforms and explaining how to use the core functionality within a standard installation.

I don't think putting a templated HTML version of the book at http: There is then also the maintenance issue if it is in two places.

PS - there is a typo in your link to the book, it should be: I think that if the book is intimidating, then remixing it to make a smaller version is more intimidating: Thanks for the typo notice, fixed. And good thoughts on wiki vs book - we need to keep this discussion going and make some steps soon, otherwise we'll end up with a lot of duplicate content to maintain.

The book is great, and the chapters on extending have been a good help for me. I was quite happy with the information in the wiki, but it seems that I have to know what I am looking for when I go there.

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What was not in the wiki was the overall concept of API, how this works in general and when to use it. This I found in the book. Detailed information where I know what I need to ask, I would explect to see in the wiki.

Does this make sense?

I think that is a really good way of distinguishing between them. Releated to that, I also like the book should be finished, wiki is OK to be a work in progress idea. We should likely distinguish between the Documentation that is provided for each version on the wiki http: There is a bit of overlap in purpose and content between the Documentation wiki and the book but not between the book and the current and proposed projects on the developer wiki.

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So let's ignore the developer wiki in the current discussion. The documentation wiki came first and the book came later.

The wiki was a place that mixed user, admin, advanced admin, and developer material.

There was spotty overview material. The wiki's organization and content has improved over the years. The book was very good for giving context and for supplementing the Documentation wiki with longer sustained treatments of topics. It is currently better for getting an overview of most non-developer things in my view. The wiki has a broader range of specific topics, and an organization that is oriented a bit more to explaining how to do things on ever page and form in the system.

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Ideally, there should probably be some better integration between the help provided in the software and the wiki pages. The former are really coming along well. As mentioned, there is some overlap at present between book and wiki particularly on user interfaces and recipes which increases the maintenance workload. I see the book and wiki serving different purposes and can't see an easy way to integrate them.

As many people know, there will be a new CiviCRM book co-authored by Brian Shaughnessy and myself appearing early in the new year. I expect that as the community grows there will be a need and market for more approaches and more specialized material.

For example, the growing number of Drupal books is a testament to as well as contributor to the growth of that open source project. The wiki is a good place to provide more examples, tips on experimental features and anything else that should usually be verified and cleaned up before going into a book.

So I would agree that the book is a more stable version of the wiki, but also that the wiki is for a more geeky audience. I check the wiki mainly for developer information.

As for the size of the book, I have a copy from Lulu. The only content I could imagine in another book would be the developer docs or advanced system administration, where we could eventually add chapters on performance, scaling, large scale civimail, etc. All rights reserved.Each sprint was self contained but we met in the evening to eat and to swap in and out of different sprints. My Account. The first sprint laid a solid framework for the book, but there were definitely some rough edges and some gaps that needed filling.

Being able to hand out a page book as a supplement to the training went down really well with participants: Improve your CiviCRM capabilities with this clever cookbook.

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