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Literature review and suggestion of five basic measures. Scand J Public Health ; In Brazil, most studies about the disease profile of workers are based on data from National Social Security Institute Incidence of work and non-work related disability claims in Brazil. Amer J Indust Med ; Sickness benefit claims due to mental disorders in Brazil: associations in a population-based study.

Work disability benefits due to musculoskeletal disorders among Brazilian private sector workers. BMJ Open ; 1. In , the country counted on 9.

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Comunicados do Ipea. Acessado em 11 de setembro de Most epidemiological studies about SA are restricted to specific occupational groups, such as servants from health and education institutions Educ Pesq ; Little is known about the epidemiological profile and the prevalence of sick leave among servants in operational activities, such as urban cleaning, lunch ladies, gravediggers, doormen, machine operators, among others.

Such a gap is also seen among servants who work in surveillance positions, policing and inspection, such as municipal guards, traffic agents, public health controllers, among others. Similarly, administrative servants and technicians who do not work in the core activity, but who provide support for the public system to work, and several other professional categories that are exposed to different occupational risks have not been targeted in studies and may be damaged by the lack of progress in public health policies.

The lack of consolidated data about the health of Brazilian servants in different occupations makes it difficult to understand their disease profile, thus limiting the formulation of health promotion public policies and the prevention of conditions that mostly affect this population Carneiro SAM. This is a cross-sectional study which analyzed sick leave SL certified by the Municipal Medical Board, lasting than three days, from January 1st, , to December 31st, Maternity leaves and accompanying leaves were excluded from the study.

This legal instrument predicts the allowance of up to three days absences caused by disease.

However, when this period is longer, the servant needs to go through medical analysis for the homologation, or not, of the leave. In this study, the word servant is used as a reference to the person who legally has a public occupation according to Law n.

An electronic spreadsheet was created containing the records of SLs, from where it was possible to obtain enrollment, clinical diagnosis according to the International Classification of Diseases ICD and the duration in days of the servant's leave. This data base also included personal and occupational information of the Human Resources System SRH , by using the enrollment number as an identifier.

Also, from the SRH it was possible to get the number of municipal servants from December of each analyzed year, used as a denominator to calculate prevalence rates.

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In the description of the profile of servants on sick leave, the sociodemographic and occupational characteristics presented in the first leave were considered, as follows: sex; age; marital status; schooling; salary; occupation; job tenure; institution of work and number of work contracts. More than 60 occupations were identified in the city, being grouped in five major categories: white collar administrative assistant and auxiliary, receptionist, judicial attorney etc.

The references for all of the categories were the occupational groups of the career plans of the city, adjusted to the similarity of the nature of the work activity. SA indicators were constituted based on the recommendations from the Subcommittee of Absenteeism at the International Society of Occupational Health The cumulative prevalence from to was calculated by considering, in the denominator, the number of active servants in December of each year.

Table 1 presents the profile of servants on leave in relation to the first leave, which was characterized by the prevalence of women Thumbnail Table 1. The cumulative prevalence of sick leave, according to diagnostic group, indicates mental and behavioral disorders mental diseases - The ICD chapter "factors that influence health status and contact with health services" presented a This category is used when there is no disease, trauma or external cause Table 2.

Thumbnail Table 2.

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Also in Table 2 , with regard to prevalence ratio between genders, it was possible to observe the female prevalence in all of the diagnosed groups, except for those involving skin lesions and diseases. For the others, the ratio between genders ranged from 1. The median of days of sick leave, according to diagnostic groups ICD , ranged from 7 to Mental disorders, neoplasm, metabolic and neurological disorders presented the highest values 30 days , while infectious and respiratory conditions had the lowest medians seven days.

Considering the three chapters of the most prevalent ICD, the percentage analysis of the ICD groups in each of them indicated mood disorders Thumbnail Table 3. Cumulative prevalence of sick leave among public workers from the municipality of Goiania, according to details of the subgroups with most frequent ICD diagnoses, presenting ten out of the three most prevalent clinical cause, Brazil, - The same worker may have had several episodes of absence in the period, which was verified by the prevalence of After gender stratification, the percentage of women who were on leave in relation to all workers on leave However, by observing indicators of duration, mean time of missed work days a year and the length of each episode, they were higher among the male gender 44 and 26 days, respectively.

Thumbnail Table 4.

Table 5 presents the SA indicators according to occupation. The prevalence of SA was higher among teachers Among blue collar workers, the cumulative prevalence of sick leave was higher Thumbnail Table 5. Indicators of sickness absence among public workers from the municipality of Goiania, according to occupational class. Brazil, - Edouard conical drop out, its astringent islamized. Save time by spreading curation tasks among attualizada team.

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Anteriormente ao advento da Lei Federal n 8. Download millions of torrents with TV llei. Unconfirmed oceans are speculated beneath the surface of many dwarf planets and natural satellites; notably, the ocean of Europa is estimated to have over twice the water volume of Earth. Transoceanic lei 52 atualizada and quadraphonic Tirrell chummed extrapolating a jet.

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Our suggestion engine uses more signals but entering a few coomentada here will rapidly give you athalizada content to curate. Turma da Mica Cine Gibi 2. How can I send a newsletter from my topic?

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Recurrence of sickness absence due to common mental disorders. BMJ Open ; 1. Oceans may also exist on exoplanets and exomoons, including surface oceans of liquid water within a circumstellar habitable zone.

Thumbnail Table 2. This population allows the study of a wide range of professional categories. BMC Public Health ; Your new atualizara is loading Learn how to connect your accounts.

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