Maharashtra Sales Tax Payment. Payment History. Profession Tax - PTRC. Profession Tax - PTEC. Luxury Tax. Sugarcane download Tax. Entry Tax on Goods. Signature of Person who has made payment. Signature of Person (See Rule 11, 11C, 17, 20, 22(4) and 27B of the Profession Tax Rules, ). (See Rule 11 . Profession Tax Challan - Maharashtra - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Profession Tax Challan - Maharashtra.

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Form VIII Maharashtra Professional Tax Challan. Uploaded by Adhitya Hegde Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. Goods and Services Tax Government of Maharashtra Chalan MTR-6 for PT Payment. Form No: . Form 7, Notice of Demand for Payment Tax / Intrest /Penalty, PDF icon agent under the Maharashtra Sate Tax on Profession Trade,Callings and employment.

Refund payment order. Intemation to acceptance of a sum by way of composition of an office.

Profession Tax Challan - Maharashtra

Register of Tax collection to be maintained by a collecting Agent. Certificate to be furnished by a person who is simultenously engaged in employement of more than one employer.

Return-cum-Chalan For the Payer. Notice to employer or a person when it is proposed to pass an order which affects him adversaly.

Notice of Hearing to an Employer. Non filing of return, in time, may attract penalty. The payment of tax, if any, should be made in Challan Form No. MTR-6, before uploading the return.

Due Dates w. The first return in such cases shall be for the month in which certificate of registration granted covering salary paid for the period commencing from date of liability till the last date of preceding month in which certificate of registration granted , thereafter monthly returns as per due dates till the end of financial year.

For example: Salary for the month of April is normally accounted as an item of expenses in the month of April, but for profession tax return it will be considered in the return period of the month of May, the due date for payment of tax and filing of return will be 31st May.

Likewise, in case of monthly return for all other months.

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According to the Professions, Trades, Callings and Employment Act , all professionals enjoying a monthly income above a certain level are liable for Professional Tax payment. Freelance professionals also must register for paying Professional Tax by applying on a special form, following which the applicant will be given a registration number. Professional Tax can be paid under these registration numbers at banks. Since the rate of Professional Tax varies from state to state in India, you must be aware of the prevailing rate in your particular state, especially if you are an independent professional.

It is also advisable to consult a Chartered Accountant or tax consultant before paying anything under this head as the tax slabs can vary from year to year. Incidentally, some states also provide tax rebates if Professional Tax is paid in a lump sum for a few years together.

This also makes it important for you to be aware of this condition and other rules surrounding professional tax registration in your state.

If the information provided at the time of enrolment is found to be incorrect or false, the penalty is three times the tax amount due. Some states slap a penalty of Rs.With respect to the banks, it depends on the security measures provided by the bank for net banking. Similarly, like other taxes, it too has slabs, and all paid employees of an organisation and independent professionals fall under its various categories.

Companies registered under the Companies Act, 1 of and engaged in any profession, trade or calling. Select profile from the list.

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You are displayed the Haryana state govt. Form filling instructions.

After depositing the Challans at the bank, I have noticed that I have mentioned wrong information in Challans How do I get this incorporated in my Challans information? Form Transactions and Goods Return Scenarios.

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