ApexNew-Book. ApexNew-Book font. ApexNew-BookItalic. ApexNew-BookItalic font. ApexNew-Medium. ApexNew-Medium font ApexNew-MediumItalic font. Download @font-face Web Font · Download Font for PC/Mac SANS-SERIF; Apex New Book. Font Specimens; Description; Test Drive; License; Comments. Verizon Online FiOSTM IPC IP Client .. Verizon Apex, Verizon Apex, Verizon Apex, Helvetica65 Medium Font Face: Roman, Bold, Light, Book, Book Italic.

Verizon Apex Book Font

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Includes font and background color. If a forum STB: Motorola on Verizon cable. The captions, color yellow and quite The most popular fonts used by designers. in designs for everything from multi- national corporations to individual books or journals. .. 3M, Verizon Wireless, Motorola, Panasonic, Target, Toyota, Microsoft, and many, many others). The serif at the apex of the uppercase “A” is a distinctive feature of. Two armed men were arrested when police surrounded them Saturday evening outside a Verizon store that had just been held up in Apex.

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Did you mean to search " "? Close Yes. The italics have a rhythmic calligraphic stroke, and some of the lowercase italics have the suggestion of a swash. The first Caslon typeface was designed in The decayed appearance common in a lot of early American printing is often thought to be caused by the oxidation that resulted from long exposure to seawater during the transport of metal type from England to America.

Caslon was used extensively, and perhaps most famously in the printing of the U.

Verizon Apex Bold Free Font

Declaration of Independence. Strengths Caslon is sometimes considered a great universal typeface. The wide variety of weights and styles available make it even more versatile. Best Uses Caslon can be used for virtually any kind of typesetting, from body copy to headlines, and is quite legible at small sizes.

Clarendon is a slab-serif typeface, and is considered to be the first registered typeface. It was later copied heavily by other foundries. More recently, it was used by the US National Parks Service on traffic signs, and became the typeface of choice by the Ruby Tuesday restaurant chain when they relaunched their corporate identity in Strengths Clarendon has strong letterforms common to slab serifs.

Best Uses Strong letterforms make Clarendon a great choice for things like signs, logos, and headlines. Franklin Gothic is a relatively high profile grotesque sans serif typeface. Franklin Gothic was first created in It briefly fell out of popularity in the s with the rise of Futura and Kabel, but was then rediscovered by American designers in the s, and has remained popular since.

Strengths Franklin Gothic is quite a strong typeface, stylistically, though the addition of related typefaces makes it much more versatile. Best Uses Franklin Gothic is well-suited to display use due to its weight. Other variations of the typeface, though, can be used for body copy, especially in onscreen situations. Frutiger is a sans serif typeface designed by Adrian Frutiger. Frutiger was originally commissioned in by the Charles De Gaulle International Airport for their directional sign system.

Frutiger was originally called Roissy the airport is located in Roissy, France , and was completed in Strengths Frutiger was designed to have the rationality and cleanliness of Univers also designed by Adrian Frutiger , but with the proportional and organic aspects of Gill Sans.

Because of this, Frutiger is both distinctive and legible, with a modern appearance. Apertures of the typeface are wide and ascenders and descenders are prominent, making it easy to distinguish letters from each other.


Best Uses Because of its excellent legibility, Frutiger is suitable for a variety of uses. Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface that was commissioned by the Bauer type foundry in Futura was designed by Paul Renner.

Strengths Futura has an efficient, forward appearance, and is derived from simple geometric forms. This is evident in the obvious influence of near-perfect circles, squares, and triangles. All non-essential elements were removed from the typeface, and the uppercase characters have proportions similar to classical Roman capitals.

Best Uses Futura is an excellent choice for advertising copy. Garamond is an old-style serif typeface, named after punch-cutter Claude Garamond. Adobe Garamond and Stempel Garamond were both based on this original typeface from the 16th century, and Granjon and Sabon were heavily influenced by it.

Garamond is one of the most legible serif typefaces, especially for use in print applications. The original punches and matrices were sold to Christopher Plantin upon the death of Claude Garamond, and were in turn used in many printers, adding to its rise in popularity.

Garamond revivals were created as early as Best Uses Garamond is an excellent choice for printed materials, including books and reports, due to its high legibility in print.

Gill Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface created in by Eric Gill.

Verizon Apex Free Font

It was developed further, into a complete type family, after being commissioned by Stanley Morison to compete with the families of Erbar, Futura, and Kabel. In , Gill Sans was released by Monotype Corporation. The uppercase characters of Gill Sans are based on Roman capitals like those found in Caslon and Baskerville. There are fourteen styles in the family.

Strengths Gill Sans has a less mechanical feel to it than typefaces like Futura, because of its basis in Roman tradition.

This basis in traditional, classical typefaces gives Gill Sans a more refined look than many other sans serif typefaces. Best Uses Gill Sans is ideal for display uses, and can be used successfully as a text font at larger sizes.

Helvetica is probably the most commonly used typeface in all of graphic design, and almost certainly the most widely used sans serif. There are dozens of variations and numerous typefaces have been based on it.

Used in a modern setting, it appears modern. And yet it can blend into a classic setting effortlessly, too. It also has excellent letterforms and kerning. Best Uses Helvetica could be argued to be the most versatile typeface out there. Lucida Sans is a humanist, sans-serif typeface that is part of the larger Lucida type family which includes serif, blackletter, console, and other variations. Technically, Lucida Grande is part of the Lucida Sans type family which also includes Lucida Sans Typewriter, a monospaced typeface, and Lucida Sans Unicode, which is based on Lucida Sans regular but with additional characters.

Strengths Lucida Grande and Lucida Sans are both highly legible, even at small sizes. Best Uses Lucida Grande and Lucida Sans are both commonly seen as the primary typeface for body text on various websites and blogs, Facebook being just one example. Minion is an old style serif typeface, inspired by late Renaissance-era typefaces.

It was designed in by Robert Slimbach for Adobe Systems.

One unique feature of Minion is the support of Regular and Display optical sizes, meant to optimize the legibility by using different stroke contrasts and details, in the Regular and Italic versions of the typeface. Strengths The different optical sizes available with Minion are one of its greatest strengths, making it considerably more versatile. Best Uses Minion is an excellent choice for printed copy, and is used for typesetting books and journals.

Originally, Myriad was offered in two weights, with complementary italics for each. Additional variations have since ben released, including Myriad Web and Myriad Pro. Optima is a unique sans-serif typeface, in that it uses varying stroke weights more commonly found in serif typefaces. In addition to the varying stroke weights, it also has subtle swelling at its terminals, reminiscent of a glyphic serif.

Optima was designed by Hermann Zapf in the mids, for the D. Stempel AG Foundry. It also improves legibility at some sizes. Best Uses Optima is an elegant if conservative type choice, and is well-suited to understated designs.

Palatino started out as an old style serif typeface designed by Hermann Zapf. It was released in by Linotype. A revised version was released in , also designed by Zapf, called Palatino Linotype. This new family included extended Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic characters.

The original Palatino was based on humanist typefaces from the Italian Renaissance, and was named after 16th century Italian calligraphy master Giambattista Palatino. Palatino has larger proportions than most Renaissance-inspired type, and because of that is much easier to read.

Best Uses Palatino is widely used for body copy, especially in books and similar printed materials.

Rockwell is a slab serif, with no real variation in stroke weight. It was designed in-house at Monotype in , supervised by Frank Hinman Pierpont. Strengths The geometric forms of Rockwell make it more similar to sans-serif typefaces, making it a good choice for combining with geometric sans serifs.

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Best Uses Rockwell is best-suited for use as a display typeface due to its thick, monoweighted strokes. Sabon is an old style serif typeface designed by Jan Tschichold between and It was released jointly by Linotype, Monotype, and Stempel foundries in One of the distinguishing features of Sabon is that the roman, italic, and bold weights all take up the same width when typeset.The italics have a rhythmic calligraphic stroke, and some of the lowercase italics have the suggestion of a swash.

Franklin Gothic was first created in Stempel AG Foundry. Best Uses Sabon is a favorite for typesetting book copy, and is well-suited to any traditional or formal design. Originally, Myriad was offered in two weights, with complementary italics for each.

Best Uses Franklin Gothic is well-suited to display use due to its weight. Other variations of the typeface, though, can be used for body copy, especially in onscreen situations. Cause why not?

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