Editorial Reviews. Review. "Son of Hamas, written by Mosab Hassan Yousef and journalist Ron. Finally, Son of Hamas, like the Middle East, is a continuing story. . I am the oldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the seven founders of the Hamas. Mosab Hassan Yousef was born in Ramallah and is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a found- ing leader of Hamas. After being an integral.

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Yousef, Mosab Hassan. Son of Hamas: a gripping account of terror, betrayal, political intrigue, and. SON OF HAMAS- Free pdf book to download - former Muslim son of one of the founders of Hamas. #link: Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef details a six- /standing-with-israel/ son-of-hamas-leader-finds-faith-in-yeshua?format=pdf.

Hamas believes that no part of the land of Palestine shall be compromised or conceded, irrespective of the causes, the circumstances and the pressures and no matter how long the occupation lasts. Hamas rejects any alternative to the full and complete liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.

However, without compromising its rejection of the Zionist entity and without relinquishing any Palestinian rights, Hamas considers the establishment of a fully sovereign and independent Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as its capital along the lines of the 4th of June , with the return of the refugees and the displaced to their homes from which they were expelled, to be a formula of national consensus. Hamas affirms that the Oslo Accords and their addenda contravene the governing rules of international law in that they generate commitments that violate the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

Therefore, the Movement rejects these agreements and all that flows from them, such as the obligations that are detrimental to the interests of our people, especially security coordination collaboration. Hamas rejects all the agreements, initiatives and settlement projects that are aimed at undermining the Palestinian cause and the rights of our Palestinian people. In this regard, any stance, initiative or political programme must not in any way violate these rights and should not contravene them or contradict them.

Hamas stresses that transgression against the Palestinian people, usurping their land and banishing them from their homeland cannot be called peace.

Any settlements reached on this basis will not lead to peace. Resistance and jihad for the liberation of Palestine will remain a legitimate right, a duty and an honour for all the sons and daughters of our people and our Ummah.

Resistance and Liberation: The liberation of Palestine is the duty of the Palestinian people in particular and the duty of the Arab and Islamic Ummah in general. It is also a humanitarian obligation as necessitated by the dictates of truth and justice. The agencies working for Palestine, whether national, Arab, Islamic or humanitarian, complement each other and are harmonious and not in conflict with each other.

Resisting the occupation with all means and methods is a legitimate right guaranteed by divine laws and by international norms and laws.

At the heart of these lies armed resistance, which is regarded as the strategic choice for protecting the principles and the rights of the Palestinian people. Hamas rejects any attempt to undermine the resistance and its arms. It also affirms the right of our people to develop the means and mechanisms of resistance. Managing resistance, in terms of escalation or de-escalation, or in terms of diversifying the means and methods, is an integral part of the process of managing the conflict and should not be at the expense of the principle of resistance.

The Palestinian Political System: A real state of Palestine is a state that has been liberated. There is no alternative to a fully sovereign Palestinian State on the entire national Palestinian soil, with Jerusalem as its capital.

Hamas believes in, and adheres to, managing its Palestinian relations on the basis of pluralism, democracy, national partnership, acceptance of the other and the adoption of dialogue. The aim is to bolster the unity of ranks and joint action for the purpose of accomplishing national goals and fulfilling the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

It should therefore be preserved, developed and rebuilt on democratic foundations so as to secure the participation of all the constituents and forces of the Palestinian people, in a manner that safeguards Palestinian rights. Hamas stresses the necessity of building Palestinian national institutions on sound democratic principles, foremost among them are free and fair elections. Such process should be on the basis of national partnership and in accordance with a clear programme and a clear strategy that adhere to the rights, including the right of resistance, and which fulfil the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

Hamas affirms that the role of the Palestinian Authority should be to serve the Palestinian people and safeguard their security, their rights and their national project. Hamas stresses the necessity of maintaining the independence of Palestinian national decision-making. Outside forces should not be allowed to intervene.

At the same time, Hamas affirms the responsibility of the Arabs and the Muslims and their duty and role in the liberation of Palestine from Zionist occupation. The role of Palestinian women is fundamental in the process of building the present and the future, just as it has always been in the process of making Palestinian history.

It is a pivotal role in the project of resistance, liberation and building the political system. The Arab and Islamic Ummah: Hamas believes that the Palestinian issue is the central cause for the Arab and Islamic Ummah. Hamas believes in the unity of the Ummah with all its diverse constituents and is aware of the need to avoid anything that could fragment the Ummah and undermine its unity. Hamas believes in cooperating with all states that support the rights of the Palestinian people.

It opposes intervention in the internal affairs of any country. It also refuses to be drawn into disputes and conflicts that take place among different countries. Hamas adopts the policy of opening up to different states in the world, especially the Arab and Islamic states. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Return to Book Page. Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef ,. Ron Brackin Goodreads Author Contributor. Since he was a small boy, Mosab Hassan Yousef has had an inside view of the deadly terrorist group Hamas.

The oldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a founding member of Hamas and its most popular leader, young Mosab assisted his father for years in his political activities while being groomed to assume his legacy, politics, status. But everything changed when Since he was a small boy, Mosab Hassan Yousef has had an inside view of the deadly terrorist group Hamas. But everything changed when Mosab turned away from terror and violence, and embraced instead the teachings of another famous Middle East leader.

Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. Published March 2nd by SaltRiver first published January 1st More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Son of Hamas , please sign up. See 1 question about Son of Hamas…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

Sort order. Apr 11, Petra Eggs rated it did not like it Shelves: I haven't read much so far, and I am duly and genuinely shocked, just as I am supposed to be, about the terrible things the Israelis did on a daily basis to the occupants of the Gaza strip. I am not terribly impressed with the glossing-over of the 'guaranteed-non-violent, peaceful, moderate' stance of Hamas during this time. When I read, continually and in detail, that the Israelis often shot innocent Palestinians for just being Palestinians but that a Palestinian just went and shot a couple of I haven't read much so far, and I am duly and genuinely shocked, just as I am supposed to be, about the terrible things the Israelis did on a daily basis to the occupants of the Gaza strip.

When I read, continually and in detail, that the Israelis often shot innocent Palestinians for just being Palestinians but that a Palestinian just went and shot a couple of Israelis and took their guns and then that became a way for them to get arms all in one sentence I begin to suspect that this book, by a Christian convert, is more the wolf wearing the Lamb of Peace's clothing.

A sentence like, "Then Israel decided to secretly deport leaders It wasn't very secret then, was it? And, following on from this, "The men were driven to a snow-covered no-man's-land in Southern Lebanon.

Although we were in the middle of a bitter winter, they were dumped there with no shelter or provisions. Neither Israel nor Lebanon would allow relief agencies to deliver food or medicine. Beirut refused to transport the sick and injured to its hospitals. Apparently Hamas members had named him secretary-general of the camp, second only to Doesn't sound a bit like they were dumped in the middle of nowhere without food or shelter.

I hope the book improves, it's naively written by the obvious ghost writer and it seems to be all about total emotional manipulation of the all-too-willing to believe the author's intended, pro-Palestinian audience. I want the facts not this soft, biased pap.

There is more to the war between the Palestinians, the Arabs and Israel than meets the eye but its never discussed. Israel is the West's secure base in the Middle East, it is democracy's secure base. It is a total sore for the Arabs who do not practice any kind of democracy, kings, dictators, and the military rule their countries. They do not want women walking the streets in tiny shorts and halter tops and having relationships of their own choosing.

They do not even allow women to be educated and live a self-determined life. They do not allow unmarried women to get contraception and screw whomsoever they please after a hot night at the club.

They don't have those sort of clubs for local women either. How many Arab countries do you hear of where a woman or a man has risen from a poor background to a high position? It happens in our societies all the time. It doesn't stop me supporting the idea of a Palestinian State, in fact I want one even more because of it. But they see Israel as the hole of the Western decadence we call freedom in the doughnut of Arab and Muslim repression and any kind of land exchange isn't going to make the slightest difference to their collective enmity to that.

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I had hoped this book would present a true picture of Hamas from the inside and see that they are just people trying to live in moderate Islamic way who are terribly persecuted and whom we should all support. Yeah well, I got suckered into paying for this piece of crap but I'm not wasting my time reading any more of it. Do such people exist? Yes, I used to share an apartment in London with some, I worked for a couple in Jerusalem, there are a few on the island, but no one hears their voices and they aren't loud people by nature, and neither would I be if I were them.

Israel is the only country in the world where the idea of total genocide is approved of by the Left of the US, UK and everywhere else. In other words, they support the return of the Palestinians and ejection of the Israelis not the Muslim ones, only the Jews.

Where are the Jews to go? What other nation would accept millions of people? Or is it to be the Hamas solution as in their Charter, drive them all into Red Sea, kill them, finish Hitler's Holocaust? Rewritten April as a response to a comment that is now deleted on how there would be no Muslim terrorism in the West if Israel became Palestine only it wasn't put so nicely.

Original review was 7 Dec View all 33 comments. David I'm surprised and confused to hear your reaction to the book. I haven't read it, but I loved The Green Prince, the documentary film that tells Mosab's I'm surprised and confused to hear your reaction to the book.

It's one of my favorite documentaries and is generally pro-Israel and quite critical of Hamas. David I wonder if it is reading that way because he's writing from the perspective he held early on, and that it will change later in the book Apr 13, Apr 12, Douglas Wilson rated it really liked it Shelves: Here is a book to break your heart.

Mosab Yousef is the son of one of the founders of Hamas, and was intimately involved in its operations. He was also doing intelligence work for the Israelis, all while in the process of becoming a Christian. This one really is a page turner.

With regard to the Palestinian situation, this book will really give you a different vantage point from which to look at everything. When you are done, you will ache for everybody over there, and be angry with everybody ov Here is a book to break your heart. When you are done, you will ache for everybody over there, and be angry with everybody over there. There is no political solution. The answer is Jesus Christ.

Son of Hamas leader chooses peace

May 26, David rated it it was ok. I'm skeptical of many of the author's claims and have a strong feeling that he's telling us what he thinks we want to hear in these troubled times. The book is strongly self-serving and I doubt that his alleged conversion to Christianity is valid. He lied to the Israelis, he lied to his Hamas compatriots, he lied to his family View all 10 comments.

Ibrahim I need a copy of the book, can anyone help please? Apr 03, John I was kinda impressed when he spoke at the UN as a christian. Jul 09, Jun 01, Jason rated it really liked it. You don't comprehend the sociopolitical relationship between Israel and Hamas!?

Neither do I. Neither do most of us. Neither, still, do people living in Israel and the occupied territories--who have a mortal interest in their own sociopolitics. Neither do people in Hamas, Hizbollah, Fatah, or the Palestinian Authority--who You don't comprehend the sociopolitical relationship between Israel and Hamas!? Neither do people in Hamas, Hizbollah, Fatah, or the Palestinian Authority--who have a strategic interest in the sociopolitics.

Before you read any further you have to decide if the sociopolitics in Israel is something that should pique your interest as a citizen of the United States. If not, hit next, and godspeed. If it does concern you, then Son of Hamas is a compact little book about Hamas v.

It's a neat little confessional from the son of a sheik that founded Hamas and who became an insider for Shin Bet over the last 10 years. He was probably the most important spy, traitor, hero that Israel has turned in the last quarter century. The narrative he unleashes in Son of Hamas reveals a chock of classified data and has probably made him a lifelong target for assassination.

And yet, there it is--the mechanics of the shadowy Shin Bet, the suicide tactics of Hamas, his contacts, his field operations, his stark betrayals, and some of the cover-ups and clandestine stories he had to tell his friends, family, and countrymen.

The book is simple, direct, and well-paced. If you read USA Today, then you will not be confused by this biography. It reads like investigative journalism and provides information not too much unlike an extended entry in Wikipedia. And yet, there is an emotional journey, a confession, a rebirth of Mossab Hassan Yousef that puts a personal touch on the pages and keeps you rapt to the book.

Unlike other 'insider' stories, there is little maudlin reasoning or second-guessing. It seems the novel was cut to its bear minima. This book will not make you understand the tendrils that grow into and out of Hamas and Israel. But I feel that the Palestinian condition one of the most important Realpolitik crisis in the world today. It's okay to skip the Middle East, but realize: They are too strategic, and the region is too near a flashpoint for us to realistically leave anytime soon.

Son of Hamas is a tight little primer that should fold into your other reading about the Middle East. Get it from the library. This isn't an essential read, but it provides a solid, factual perspective about a topic that is usually covered politically. I mean, good gracious, nobody on Goodreads has marked the book 1-star yet!! View all 6 comments. Jul 30, Mike the Paladin rated it really liked it.

There is little I could say that would do justice to this book. If there are criticisms that could be made, I won't make them. This is a deeply felt story of a life. So far it's still a somewhat young life and I pray the best for the writer.

Is this book inspiring? In some ways. Is the book frightening? Yes in other ways. Are there lessons to be learned? Is there Hope in this story? I'm not here to lecture, I'm not here to give a synopsis. I'll avoid that as anything I might say There is little I could say that would do justice to this book. I'll avoid that as anything I might say that would pique the interest of some might put someone else off and I wouldn't want to do that.

We live in a world rife with violence and strife that can and does touch people around the world.

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Much of it springs from deeply held beliefs and long clung to hatreds. The writer here saw and experienced these firsthand. His father is a Muslim who seems to exemplify the best in that belief system. He has first hand experience of the best and the worst of humanity. This is an insightful memoir full of pain and hope. I salute the author and as said will pray for him and his.

In case I need to say it, recommended. View 2 comments. Sep 03, Michael Gerald rated it it was amazing. One of the most moving events in the New Testament is the story of Saul going on his way to Damascus to persecute the infant Catholic Church there.

On the way, he was blinded by a light and confronted with a Voice that inquired: Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles and one of the greatest saints. Writing with the courage and honesty of one who was privy to the intricacies of the Palestinian situation in general, and the workings of Hamas in particular, Mosab dispels facts from myths about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and helps set the record straight.

Having the knowledge of one of the Palestinian terrorist groups, Mosab recounts who the real founders of Hamas were, and eventually reveals some of the people who really pulled the strings and have blood in their hands. How did he do it? You must read the book to find out! If you have ever wondered why there seems to be no end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the answer is surprisingly simple but complicated at the same time. The Palestinians' worst enemies are themselves.

The people who oppress them the most are the very organizations who claim to be fighting for their welfare, but instead are more interested in the violence and the power that they can squeeze from it.

Their leaders - Arafat, Meshaal - are only after their vested interest and have no qualms fooling their people to carry arms and don suicide vests and kill other people and themselves while the leaders are schmoozing up with the high life.

And they squeeze the most blood from their own people. I hope there are more Mosabs in the Palestinian territories who recognize this fact. Having said that, Israel also bears the blame for the injustice. A nation created after the Holocaust is behaving like the Nazis themselves. View all 11 comments.

Jul 14, Mohammad AbuZer added it Shelves: It does not seek material gains, personal fame, nor does it look for a reward from others. It works with its own resources and whatever is at its disposal "and prepare for them whatever force you can", for the fulfilment of the duty, and the earning of Allah's favour.

It has no other desire than that. The Movement assures all the nationalist trends operating in the Palestinian arena for the liberation of Palestine, that it is there for their support and assistance.

It will never be more than that, both in words and deeds, now and in the future. It is there to bring together and not to divide, to preserve and not to squander, to unify and not to throw asunder.

It evaluates every good word, sincere effort and good offices. It closes the door in the face of side disagreements and does not lend an ear to rumours and slanders, while at the same time fully realising the right for self-defence.

Anything contrary or contradictory to these trends, is a lie disseminated by enemies or their lackeys for the purpose of sowing confusion, disrupting the ranks and occupy them with side issues.

Article Twenty-Six: In viewing the Palestinian nationalist movements that give allegiance neither to the East nor the West, in this positive way, the Islamic Resistance Movement does not refrain from discussing new situations on the regional or international levels where the Palestinian question is concerned.

It does that in such an objective manner revealing the extent of how much it is in harmony or contradiction with the national interests in the light of the Islamic point of view.

It contains the father and the brother, the next of kin and the friend. The Moslem does not estrange himself from his father, brother, next of kin or friend. Our homeland is one, our situation is one, our fate is one and the enemy is a joint enemy to all of us.

Because of the situations surrounding the formation of the Organization, of the ideological confusion prevailing in the Arab world as a result of the ideological invasion under whose influence the Arab world has fallen since the defeat of the Crusaders and which was, and still is, intensified through orientalists, missionaries and imperialists, the Organization adopted the idea of the secular state.

And that it how we view it. Secularism completely contradicts religious ideology. Attitudes, conduct and decisions stem from ideologies. That is why, with all our appreciation for The Palestinian Liberation Organization - and what it can develop into - and without belittling its role in the Arab-Israeli conflict, we are unable to exchange the present or future Islamic Palestine with the secular idea.

The Islamic nature of Palestine is part of our religion and whoever takes his religion lightly is a loser. The Cow - verse The day The Palestinian Liberation Organization adopts Islam as its way of life, we will become its soldiers, and fuel for its fire that will burn the enemies.

Until such a day, and we pray to Allah that it will be soon, the Islamic Resistance Movement's stand towards the PLO is that of the son towards his father, the brother towards his brother, and the relative to relative, suffers his pain and supports him in confronting the enemies, wishing him to be wise and well-guided.

[PDF] Son of Hamas: A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable

One's cousin is the wing one flies with - could the bird fly without wings? It does not refrain from resorting to all methods, using all evil and contemptible ways to achieve its end. It relies greatly in its infiltration and espionage operations on the secret organizations it gave rise to, such as the Freemasons, The Rotary and Lions clubs, and other sabotage groups. All these organizations, whether secret or open, work in the interest of Zionism and according to its instructions.

They aim at undermining societies, destroying values, corrupting consciences, deteriorating character and annihilating Islam. It is behind the drug trade and alcoholism in all its kinds so as to facilitate its control and expansion.

Arab countries surrounding Israel are asked to open their borders before the fighters from among the Arab and Islamic nations so that they could consolidate their efforts with those of their Moslem brethren in Palestine. As for the other Arab and Islamic countries, they are asked to facilitate the movement of the fighters from and to it, and this is the least thing they could do. We should not forget to remind every Moslem that when the Jews conquered the Holy City in , they stood on the threshold of the Aqsa Mosque and proclaimed that "Mohammed is dead, and his descendants are all women.

Nationalist and Religious Groupings, Institutions, Intellectuals, The Arab and Islamic World: The Islamic Resistance Movement hopes that all these groupings will side with it in all spheres, would support it, adopt its stand and solidify its activities and moves, work towards rallying support for it so that the Islamic people will be a base and a stay for it, supplying it with strategic depth an all human material and informative spheres, in time and in place. This should be done through the convening of solidarity conferences, the issuing of explanatory bulletins, favourable articles and booklets, enlightening the masses regarding the Palestinian issue, clarifying what confronts it and the conspiracies woven around it.

They should mobilize the Islamic nations, ideologically, educationally and culturally, so that these peoples would be equipped to perform their role in the decisive battle of liberation, just as they did when they vanquished the Crusaders and the Tatars and saved human civilization. Indeed, that is not difficult for Allah.

Article Thirty: Writers, intellectuals, media people, orators, educaters and teachers, and all the various sectors in the Arab and Islamic world - all of them are called upon to perform their role, and to fulfill their duty, because of the ferocity of the Zionist offensive and the Zionist influence in many countries exercised through financial and media control, as well as the consequences that all this lead to in the greater part of the world.

Jihad is not confined to the carrying of arms and the confrontation of the enemy. The effective word, the good article, the useful book, support and solidarity - together with the presence of sincere purpose for the hoisting of Allah's banner higher and higher - all these are elements of the Jihad for Allah's sake. Whosoever supports the relatives of a fighter, he himself is a fighter. It takes care of human rights and is guided by Islamic tolerance when dealing with the followers of other religions.

Mosab Hassan Yousef

It does not antagonize anyone of them except if it is antagonized by it or stands in its way to hamper its moves and waste its efforts.

Under the wing of Islam, it is possible for the followers of the three religions - Islam, Christianity and Judaism - to coexist in peace and quiet with each other. Peace and quiet would not be possible except under the wing of Islam. Past and present history are the best witness to that. It is the duty of the followers of other religions to stop disputing the sovereignty of Islam in this region, because the day these followers should take over there will be nothing but carnage, displacement and terror.

Everyone of them is at variance with his fellow-religionists, not to speak about followers of other religionists. Past and present history are full of examples to prove this fact. Their strength in war among themselves is great: thou thinkest them to be united; but their hearts are divided.

This, because they are people who do not understand. Islam confers upon everyone his legitimate rights. Islam prevents the incursion on other people's rights. The Zionist Nazi activities against our people will not last for long.

The Attempt to Isolate the Palestinian People: Article Thirty-Two: World Zionism, together with imperialistic powers, try through a studied plan and an intelligent strategy to remove one Arab state after another from the circle of struggle against Zionism, in order to have it finally face the Palestinian people only. Egypt was, to a great extent, removed from the circle of the struggle, through the treacherous Camp David Agreement.

They are trying to draw other Arab countries into similar agreements and to bring them outside the circle of struggle. The Islamic Resistance Movement calls on Arab and Islamic nations to take up the line of serious and persevering action to prevent the success of this horrendous plan, to warn the people of the danger eminating from leaving the circle of struggle against Zionism.

Today it is Palestine, tomorrow it will be one country or another. The Zionist plan is limitless. After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates.

When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying.

Leaving the circle of struggle with Zionism is high treason, and cursed be he who does that. There is no way out except by concentrating all powers and energies to face this Nazi, vicious Tatar invasion. The alternative is loss of one's country, the dispersion of citizens, the spread of vice on earth and the destruction of religious values.

Let every person know that he is responsible before Allah, for "the doer of the slightest good deed is rewarded in like, and the does of the slightest evil deed is also rewarded in like. The Movement adds its efforts to the efforts of all those who are active in the Palestinian arena. Arab and Islamic Peoples should augment by further steps on their part; Islamic groupings all over the Arab world should also do the same, since all of these are the best-equipped for the future role in the fight with the warmongering Jews.

So often as they shall site a fire of war, Allah shall extinguish it; and they shall set their minds to act corruptly in the earth, but Allah loveth not the corrupt doers. Article Thirty-Three: The Islamic Resistance Movement, being based on the common coordinated and interdependent conceptions of the laws of the universe, and flowing in the stream of destiny in confronting and fighting the enemies in defence of the Moslems and Islamic civilization and sacred sites, the first among which is the Aqsa Mosque, urges the Arab and Islamic peoples, their governments, popular and official groupings, to fear Allah where their view of the Islamic Resistance Movement and their dealings with it are concerned.

They should back and support it, as Allah wants them to, extending to it more and more funds till Allah's purpose is achieved when ranks will close up, fighters join other fighters and masses everywhere in the Islamic world will come forward in response to the call of duty while loudly proclaiming: Hail to Jihad.

Their cry will reach the heavens and will go on being resounded until liberation is achieved, the invaders vanquished and Allah's victory comes about. Since the dawn of history, it has been the target of expansionists. The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, had himself pointed to this fact in the noble Hadith in which he called on his honourable companion, Ma'adh ben-Jabal, saying: O Ma'ath, Allah throw open before you, when I am gone, Syria, from Al-Arish to the Euphrates.

Its men, women and slaves will stay firmly there till the Day of Judgement. Whoever of you should choose one of the Syrian shores, or the Holy Land, he will be in constant struggle till the Day of Judgement. Thus it was that the Crusaders came with their armies, bringing with them their creed and carrying their Cross.

They were able to defeat the Moslems for a while, but the Moslems were able to retrieve the land only when they stood under the wing of their religious banner, united their word, hallowed the name of Allah and surged out fighting under the leadership of Salah ed-Din al-Ayyubi. They fought for almost twenty years and at the end the Crusaders were defeated and Palestine was liberated. This is the only way to liberate Palestine. There is no doubt about the testimony of history.

It is one of the laws of the universe and one of the rules of existence. Nothing can overcome iron except iron. Their false futile creed can only be defeated by the righteous Islamic creed. A creed could not be fought except by a creed, and in the last analysis, victory is for the just, for justice is certainly victorious.

Article Thirty-Five: The Islamic Resistance Movement views seriously the defeat of the Crusaders at the hands of Salah ed-Din al-Ayyubi and the rescuing of Palestine from their hands, as well as the defeat of the Tatars at Ein Galot, breaking their power at the hands of Qataz and Al-Dhaher Bivers and saving the Arab world from the Tatar onslaught which aimed at the destruction of every meaning of human civilization.

The Movement draws lessons and examples from all this. The present Zionist onslaught has also been preceded by Crusading raids from the West and other Tatar raids from the East. Just as the Moslems faced those raids and planned fighting and defeating them, they should be able to confront the Zionist invasion and defeat it.

This is indeed no problem for the Almighty Allah, provided that the intentions are pure, the determination is true and that Moslems have benefited from past experiences, rid themselves of the effects of ideological invasion and followed the customs of their ancestors.

The Islamic Resistance Movement is Composed of Soldiers: Article Thirty-Six: While paving its way, the Islamic Resistance Movement, emphasizes time and again to all the sons of our people, to the Arab and Islamic nations, that it does not seek personal fame, material gain, or social prominence. It does not aim to compete against any one from among our people, or take his place.

Nothing of the sort at all. It will not act against any of the sons of Moslems or those who are peaceful towards it from among non-Moslems, be they here or anywhere else. It will only serve as a support for all groupings and organizations operating against the Zionist enemy and its lackeys.

The Islamic Resistance Movement adopts Islam as its way of life. Islam is its creed and religion. Whoever takes Islam as his way of life, be it an organization, a grouping, a country or any other body, the Islamic Resistance Movement considers itself as their soldiers and nothing more. We ask Allah to show us the right course, to make us an example to others and to judge between us and our people with truth.Interest in the book from Christian readers helped make it a New York Times best-seller.

Published March 2nd by SaltRiver first published January 1st And if they who have received the scriptures had believed, it had surely been the better for them: there are believers among them, but the greater part of them are transgressors. Is there Hope in this story? If you have ever wondered why there seems to be no end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the answer is surprisingly simple but complicated at the same time. The book will surprise the reader with a spiritual discovery that helps to save lives and his own.

Feb 20, Jennifer rated it did not like it Shelves: To be disowned by one's family means any muslim has the right to kill you on sight.

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